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‘What’s Wrong with Being Called Usher’: Fans Have a Field Day After Jason Derulo Fights Two Guys Who Allegedly Mistake Him for Usher

Jason Derulo got into a physical altercation with two men on Tuesday during his trip to Las Vegas. The Las Vegas police were called to the Aria resort at 2:22 am to respond to a fight that broke out outside of a nightclub.

Derulo seemingly felt disrespected by a couple of men after one cursed at him and mistook him for another musician. According to TMZ, Derulo was walking past a man by an escalator when he suddenly said, “Hey, Usher! F-ck you, b-tch!!!” The disparaging comments set Derulo off and the “Watcha Say” singer punched the guy down to the floor.

(L) Jason Derulo gets into a fight with two men after they allegedly called him Usher (R). Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for JBL, Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Soon after, the father of one slapped another man before security disbanded the scuffle. Police say that although Derulo “committed a battery against two individuals,” neither of the men has decided to press charges against the entertainer just yet. Hotel security also asked Derulo to leave on a trespass order shortly after the incident.

Fans were in disbelief over the story and some were confused about why Derulo felt offended by being mistaken for Grammy Award-winning singer Usher. One person said, “There ain’t no way he fought them for that… there has to be more to the story cause.”

Another joked, “That’s why he keeps saying Jason Derulo !!! at the beginning of his song so u get it right.” Someone else wrote, “What’s wrong with being called Usher he’s gotta relax!! “I can’t wait to hear his CONFESSIONS after this,” quipped another fan, referencing one of Usher’s songs called “Confessions.”

It’s not clear if the two men that provoked Derulo were trying to be funny or if they really thought Derulo was Usher. Usher has been doing concerts in Vegas for his “Lovers and Friends” Las Vegas residency since July. The residency is taking place at The Colosseum in the Caesar’s Palace hotel and he is performing all of his old and new songs, while also bringing in surprise performers like Summer Walker, Rick Ross and Lil Jon.

It appears Usher has two more shows in Vegas, set for May.

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