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‘Where Was the Apology?’: T-Pain and Usher Put Their Auto-Tune Disagreement to Rest with Onstage Appearance, Fans Still Have Questions

T-Pain and Usher have finally put their autotune he-said, he-said to rest.

The “Buy You a Drank” artist surprised fans when he opened up about a negative run-in he had with the “Let It Burn” singer years ago that in hindsight he pinpointed as the beginning of a lengthy battle with depression. During a sit-down with interviewers for the Netflix docu-series “This Is Pop,” T-Pain recounted a story about crossing paths with Usher on an airplane which resulted in the eight-time Grammy-winning artist telling him that he “kind of f****d up music” because of his role in helping Auto-Tune rise to popularity in the music industry.

T-Pain (L) and Usher (R) seemingly squash beef onstage during Dave Chappelle’s comedy show in Atlanta. Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Usher addressed T-Pain’s account of their interaction during his August “Billboard” cover story interview, saying that the two had since spoken and the incident was water under the bridge.

“I’m happy that T-Pain said something,” he said. “I’m not sure if it was before or after our actual conversation after I heard what was said. It was very hurtful to know that he had experienced that kind of hardship in life. I wouldn’t wish that on any person. Private conversations for me have always been intended to uplift. But when or if people get pieces of it, they can always have some other interpretation. But we’ve spoken since and we’re good.”

After denying the “You’ve Got It Bad” singer’s claim that they’d had a conversation since the story began circulating, the two appeared onstage together to hug it out during Dave Chappelle’s Nov. 21 Atlanta event.

“I love you, bro,” T-Pain tells Usher in a social media video from the show. “The energy we put out in this world affects everybody else in this world. I’m telling you, we ain’t going through nothing, bro. We ain’t going through a godd-mn thing. It’s all love. In times when we’re divided the most, we need to be together the most. I love you, bro. I’m never not gonna love you, bro, trust me. My dawg.”

Seeing the two talented musicians come together to settle the misunderstanding moved some fans who left comments like, “Ok my heart just melted! Look at our black men showing vulnerability and love @ the same damn time ❤️.”

Others, however, held back on believing the beef was actually over, writing “I wanna hear what Usher had to say tho. He was the one that threw the shade from the jump lol.”

“Wait. So did Usher call him up there? And Usher should have been in the mic not just T Pain but that’s just my thoughts.”

“Where was the apology?” 

The Atlanta event brought out the city’s biggest stars, including Big Boi, 2 Chainz, Monica, TI, Jeezy, Chris Tucker, Killer Mike, and more.

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