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‘Raven Was Robbed’: Fans Defend Raven Symoné Over This Awkward ‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Moment

Raven Symoné is learning to be careful what she says.

The actress recently made a celebrity guest appearance on Sunday, Jan. 2, along with Tori Spelling and Tara Lipinski on the popular game show “Wheel of Fortune.” During a part of the show, the contestants were working to solve a puzzle with the hint that it was “ ’70s Song Lyrics.”

Raven-Symoné participates in the 48th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards for Children’s and Animation online on July 17, 2021. (Photo by Daytime Emmy Awards 2021/via Getty Images)

Unfortunately, while Symoné was on the right track with her answer, a simple mixup in pronunciation cost her the round.

When it first stopped at the former “The View” host, she was going to solve, but decided against it when she was warned by host Pat Sajak “to be real careful” while solving it.

Eventually, when it landed on her she confirmed that she was ready to solve the puzzle. The answer was “Ah Ha Ha Ha stayin alive stayin alive” which are lyrics from Bee Gees song “Stayin Alive.” However, she said “Ah ah ah ah stayin’ alive stayin’ alive.”

Next, it was Spelling’s turn to guess the answer and she was reluctant to at first because she felt “bad” knowing that Symoné’s answer wasn’t approved even though it was close. She proceeded to slowly give her answer pronouncing everything correctly and winning the round. When she got it correctly, Symoné, who didn’t understand what happened, said, “WHAT,” in a shriek.

Once Sajak explained that she was saying “Ah ah ah ah” instead of “Ah ha ha ha” she understood where she went wrong.

Fans chimed in with mixed reactions over the Symoné’s loss. Some said her answer should’ve been considered to be correct. “Damn Raven did a lot of work but it did not pay off for her. #WheelOfFortune,” said one.

Another wrote, “Raven was ROBBED!!”

Others sided with the decision of the game show. “Ppl need to get a life! Pat often warns to say the phrase carefully. He doesnt say it to not guess, but to read the puzzle correctly, case & point, raven didnt. Yall are grasping at straws, this is a long time rule,” said one.

Someone else said, “Outrage over Raven misstating a wheel of fortune phrase and losing. Let’s just have the spelling bee winners win based on being almost correct too.”

While Symoné did not win the game, she was able to walk away with $30,000 for her charity.

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