‘No Lies Detected’: Terrell Owens Fiercely Protects His Reputation from Antonio Brown Comparisons

Terrell Owens isn’t feeling your Antonio Brown comparisons.

The six-time Pro Bowl selection and five-time first-team All-Pro caught wind of Antonio Brown’s apparent meltdown at the Jets game on Sunday.

Owens took to Twitter to express his initial shock at Brown’s impromptu walk by reposting the video and commenting.

“What in the Antonio Brown is going on?!’

Coming For T.O.

However, fans felt the need to take jabs at Owens after, comparing him to Brown. A Twitter user asked, “Bigger Diva: Antonio Brown or Terrell Owens?”

Well, Owens wasn’t having it.

“Wow. Respectfully and Disrespectfully, there’s no comparison. Clearly you’ve been drinking the kool-aid,” T.O. posted in retort.

We Are Not The Same

Ever since Owens’ tumultuous relationship with former Philadelphia Eagles QB Donovan McNabb was made public, many have considered him a diva.

Although he is regarded as one of the best players of his era, Owens was a lightning rod of controversy. During his professional career, his flamboyance on the field attracted the hostility of those who mistook it for arrogance. Owens’ signature flamboyant touchdown celebrations were often taken out of context by the media and the fans at large.

However, Owens was labeled as a bad teammate by many due to issues he had with other players. Conversely, Brown’s problems stem from his incidents that happened off the field until Sunday’s walkout at the Jets game.

Mr. Whole Lotta Money

Brown, a sixth-round pick by the Pittsburgh Steelers, compiled more receptions than any other player in the league from his rookie season in 2010 through 2018.

According to reports, Brown’s relationship with the Steelers went terrible, like the famed towel, especially with coach Mike Tomlin and quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. Eventually, Brown requested a trade, and in 2019, he was traded to the Oakland Raiders.

The team made him the highest-paid receiver in the league. However, his time in Oakland was short following several infamous off-the-field incidents. Brown suffered from frostbitten feet during a cryotherapy session which he missed some preseason practice.

To find out more about the Antonio Brown saga and if he’s responded to Terrell Owens yet, click here.

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