Alexis Skyy Calls Out Father of Her Child for Not Being Present In Their Daughter’s Life, He Responds

Alexis Skyy is having another online spat with Brandon Medford, the father of her child.

Skyy took to Instagram on the morning of Sept. 14 to call out Medford for not spending more time with their 3-year-old daughter, Alaiya Grace Maxwell. Her lengthy now-deleted message, which was just a black screen with words, said, “I pray God puts the right ‘MAN’ in my life & for a GOOD MAN to be a father figure to my daughter I been so calm and quiet but enough is enough you can’t force a man to love a child better yet his child.”

Alexis Skyy and her daughter Alaiya Grace, and Brandon Medford. (Photos: @alexisskyy_/Instagram, @brandonmedford_/Instagram)

Sharing some of the blame, Skyy admitted that she has made some mistakes and “can own up to that” but says her daughter deserves more. She continued, “my daughter is pure and innocent she doesn’t deserve looking out the window asking daddy come get me. Daddy call me back & daddy is on IG flexing to the world like he is just this man of GOD living the right way when your not missed her birthday .. never calls when we tell her she’s in hospital seen other kids what are you embarrassed of her she didn’t ask to go through the pain she went through. GOD will remove it all from you. Your kids come first.”

The “pain” Skyy is referring to is from not long after she gave birth to Alaiya. Alaiya, who has special needs, was born prematurely, required several brain surgeries, and she had hydrocephalus, which means she had fluids in her brain. At that time Skyy was claiming that former boyfriend Fetty Wap was the father. He was by her side when Alaiya was born prematurely and even seemed to be accepting paternity for a while before backtracking.

It wasn’t until earlier this year, in March, that Medford confirmed publicly that he is Alaiya’s father. This is not the first time Skyy has insinuated that Medford was ashamed of claiming her as his daughter. Days before the automobile salesman confirmed he was the dad, Skyy blasted Medford on social media for selling her a car without plates. “The Love and Hip Hop” star later went into his IG comments and spoke about their daughter, saying, “Let them know how embarrassed you are of your child because she has special needs.”

Medford, who doesn’t seem to engage in the drama with Skyy that much, decided to respond this week with a one-word message on his Instagram Story — “Unaccessible” — a term some social media users pointed out is grammatically incorrect and that others said Medford should not have been proud to use.

One person said, “Unaccessible to your child? That’s some nut a** sh*t.” Someone else said, “Uh, sir…. Being inaccessible to your child is NOT a flex 🙄.” Other people joked that Skyy should give Medford some time. “He only been the dad for five minutes like damn relax 😒,” said one person.

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