‘Boy You Get Up’: Rick Ross’ Words of Motivation Goes Left When He Refers to His Fans as ‘Fat’ and ‘Lazy’

Rick Ross may have crossed a few fans with his words of encouragement heading into the new year. 

Like scores of other people, the Miami rapper is ready to usher in the new year. Hoping to give those who follow him a little extra push to hit the ground running and achieve their goals, Ross shared a few words of motivation ahead of New Year’s Eve.

Rick Ross. (Photo: @richforever/Instagram)

“Get up off your big, fat, lazy ass. You sitting ’round watching other rich n—as on social media but they ain’t showing you when they putting in them twenty-hour days,” said the rapper in the message shared to IG Stories along with the #Getupoffyobigfatlazyass on Dec. 30.

But he did not stop there. The “Hustlin’” rapper continued by saying, “Get up off yo lazy ass. Ain’t no more excuses. Don’t nobody wanna hear no excuses.” It was impossible for some taking in his words to not criticize the rapper for taking aim at those with extra pounds to spare. 

“Pot calling the kettle black?” wrote one person on social. Others commented, “Not the lemon pepper steppa calling us lazy,” as well as, “He killing me calling everybody fat, f—k wrong with his mirror.”

While the rapper may not be checking all the boxes to be named People’s Sexiest Man Alive, there is no denying he has slimmed down in recent years — especially considering his health scares just a few years past.

But the overall message of “get to work instead of watching others” was not lost on all. “Right message. Wrong messenger, I know Rick Ross ain’t calling nobody fat,” wrote one person. Others followed suit in their comments that proved they too were able to find the motivation in his straight-laced delivery. 

“Y’all focusing on the wrong part of the sentence…”

“Boy you get up [laughing emoji] spike naw he right”

“FACTS I needed this [100 emoji]”

The “Teflon Don” is no stranger to dropping motivational gems when it comes to building wealth. In September he released New York Times Best Seller book “The Perfect Day to Boss Up: A Hustler’s Guide to Building Your Empire.”

“I feel life is such a beautiful struggle, let’s not prepare for the losses — we know we’ll have losses — let’s prepare for the wins,” said Ross when speaking about his perspective on winning in life. 

In the past he also emphasized the importance time management has played in his ability to not only become a Grammy-nominated artist, but a savvy businessman and author.

“People want to know, ‘Rozay, how did this happen?’ especially when you wake up every day excited to do all this. To me, the way we manage our time is the most valuable commodity,” he said. Those same gems being shared with the pubic have also been passed on to his teen son, William Roberts III, who is well on his way to becoming a boss in his own right. In November, for his 16th birthday, he was gifted his own Wing Stop franchise by his father whom owns more than 25.

“Ain’t nothing too big nor too small for a real boss.”

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