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Ashanti’s New Year’s Eve Performance Cancellation Announcement Gets Derailed By the Singer’s Walk: ‘Extra Spice’

Ashanti recently revealed that her performance at Atlanta’s New Year’s Eve Peach Drop was canceled by uploading a cryptic Instagram video. 

The Peach Drop is an annual New Year’s Eve drop event held in Atlanta. Since the festival began in 1989, it would attract over 60,000 attendees. The singer, alongside hip-hop group Goodie Mob, was listed among the performing acts a couple of weeks ago on Dec. 16 for the event. 

Ashanti reveals that her New Year‘s Eve performance in Atlanta’s Peach Drop was cancelled by uploading a response video. @ashanti/Instagram

On Dec. 28, Underground Atlanta, where the Peach Drop Festival was scheduled to be held, released a statement mentioning the rise of COVID-19 cases due to the omicron variant the reason behind the cancellation. 

The announcement read, “Due to the rising number of Covid cases, the City is canceling the Peach Drop at Underground. While we are saddened to miss this year’s party and musical acts, we are very excited to bring the Peach Drop back next year better than ever.” 

Following the news, Ashanti took to Instagram later in the day to express her reaction to her performance being canceled. In the recording, the “Foolish” songstress is seen walking in what appears to be a hotel hallway toward the camera before turning around and walking in the opposite direction. 

Ashanti wrapped up the clip by turning for a final time and making a hand gesture near her groin area before laughing and getting off the frame. In addition to the video, Ashanti wrote in her caption that the walk she showcased in her post was the omicron variant’s way of informing her that the performance was canceled. 

“How you walk into your NYE performance and then hear the covid numbers are up… And Omicron says F ya NYE performance it’s canceled.” As fans viewed the star’s post, many bypassed her announcement and focused on Ashanti’s strut.

“Come on walk.” 

“Lol hit them with the extra spice.”

“Wow this is everything.”

“Everything about that walk was sexy.”

“You better Werk.”  

Among the walk compliments, others brought up Ashanti’s youthful appearance. One wrote, “Nah You making these young chics in their 20’s look crazy!!!” Another said, “Ashanti looking like she in a time machine!! Haha.”

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