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‘Don’t Make Her Say It Again’: Kaavia James Upset After Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade Take Extended Vacation Without Her

Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade may be in vacation bliss after setting out for their “Wade World Tour” festivities in Italy, but the same cannot be said for the pair’s daughter Kaavia James Union Wade.

The 2-year-old visibly expressed on Aug. 19 how she felt about being left behind while virtually greeting her parents. In a TikTok video uploaded by Union, the toddler is seen scowling as the unidentified camera person instructs her to say hello to her mom and dad. They said as Kaavia buries her faces in her stuffed animal, “Say hi to Mom and Dad. They can’t hear you.” The visibly upset 2-year-old then responds, “Hi.”

Kaavia James shows she is grumpy as she says “hi” to her parents that are on an extended vacation. @gabunion/TikTok

When the unnamed person asked why she was mad the toddler replied, “I say hi,” without disclosing why she was upset. As the video continued Kaavia was ordered to say bye and blow her parents a virtual kiss. She then took it upon herself to add a spin to those directions by smacking her lips in between each command.

The “L.A.’s Finest” actress suggested in the caption that Kaavia’s apparent attitude could be stemming from the 2-year-old not being taken along on the parents’ gateway trip. She wrote, “When they take #WadeWorldTour2021 without you #tiktokpartner #summervibes.”

As fans began viewing Kaavia’s recording they couldn’t but relate to the toddler’s emotions. Others also pointed out how stern she was in her responses.

“She ‘SAY What she SAY’ !!”

“Her attitude is always a mood 😭”

“I said Hi!” 😂😂😂 Don’t make her say it again! Lol.”

“Someone is not happy about being left home 😂.”

“she be over alllllll yall😂😂😂😂😂this is my moood.”

Gabrielle Union posts a photo of her and Dwyane Wade embarking on their Wade World Tour 2021 trip in Italy. (Photo: @gabunion/Instagram )

Union and Wade, who have been married for nearly seven years, embarked on what appears to be an early wedding anniversary trip last week. The actress shared a photo of the pair on a plane with the caption “🌍@dwyanewade with the fly traveling fit. This guy 😍.” Union also documented the several locales in Italy they visited along the way, including Capri, Naples, Positano, Ponza, and Sardinia.

The couple got married on Aug. 30, 2014.

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