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‘I’m a Daddy That’ll Love and … Break Ya Neck’: Kirk Franklin Says He Won’t ‘Expose’ Estranged Son’s Life Nor Publicly Defend His Parenting Months After Leaked Audio Revealed Family Drama 

Kirk Franklin says he will continue to publicly turn the other cheek when it comes to the tension between him and his estranged son Kerrion Rashad Franklin. 

Back in March Kerrion exposed his father by posting a recording of a private conversation between the two. In the audio, Franklin is heard using profane language and shouting that he would “put my foot up yo ass,” to his eldest son. 

Kirk Franklin (left) photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage  and Kerrion Franklin (right) photo by @kerrionrashad/Instagram.

In the weeks following the incident, Franklin made his rounds addressing the matter during interviews as some called into question his jaw-dropping behavior despite being a Christian. Now in a recent interview with the hosts of “The Real,” Franklin is making it known that he has very little to publicly address regarding his son, nor will he be defending the way in which he has parented his children.

“We’ve been in a very painful place for years,” Franklin told the hosts while addressing the state of his relationship with Kerrion. “Even though my son chose to try to expose me publicly as a father I will never expose him publicly as a son. So I have no dialogue about it.” Franklin has been married to his wife Tammy for 25 years; together they share three children — daughter Kennedy, stepdaughter Carrington, and son Caziah. Franklin shares his first born Kerrion from a previous relationship with Shawn Ewing.

Kerrion has alleged that he was treated as the black sheep of the family for 14 years and that Franklin “self-sabatoged” Kirk being further included in the family unit he and Tammy created.

“You would have never known our family issues if he hadn’t chosen to do it, and so I still continue to keep it that place,” continued the 16-time Grammy award winner when speaking on his reason to not further expose family drama or his son. “Who in the world — as hard as parenting is — should ever have to talk about the parenting publicly?” he asked.

When further pressed about the status of his and Kerrion’s relationship Franklin revealed he has not been in communication with the 33-year-old. “I just still have the responsibility to cover and not reveal the life of my son.” He continued, “I have two sons and I have two daughters. I love all my children and I’m that kind of daddy too. Like I’m the daddy that’ll love, and I’m the daddy that’ll break ya neck.”

Kerrion on the other hand has publicly spoken out as recent as September when he made allegations of abuse against his mother. 

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