T.I., Killer Mike Respond to Failed Atlanta Mayoral Candidate Felicia Moore After She Accuses Them of Hurting Her Campaign with False Accusations

T.I., both a rapper and a prominent figure in that Atlanta community, has addressed mayoral candidates Felicia Moore’s claims that he and several other celebrity entertainers and musicians, including Isaac Hayes III, essentially sabotaged her campaign with allegations that she was planning on shutting down recording studios and exotic dance bars in the Georgia’s capital city. 

Earlier this week, Atlanta elected its 61st mayor, Andre Dickens, who beat Moore in Tuesday’s runoff election. The longtime City Council member’s history, coupled with allegations she wanted to close strip clubs in the area, reportedly may have cost her the seat. Those claims reportedly bothered several people, including the “T.I and Tiny: The Family Hustle” star and the premier nightclub, Magic City, TMZ reported this week. 

Killer Mike and T.I. respond to Felicia Moore after she accusing them of ruining her campaign. Photo by Chris McKay/Getty Images for Live Nation, Paras Griffin/Getty Images

​​“I never even discussed strip clubs since the general election,” she told the outlet. “They just made up stuff.” Moore was correct; the men did share false information that originated from an article by gossip website Media Take Out, which contained other falsehoods. A clip was also included in the MTO article, which featured Moore speaking years ago about special permits being required regarding recording studios and not strip clubs.

However, in a roughly 13-minute long video posted to his Instagram page on Thursday, December 2, T.I., who also further showed support to election winner Dickens, bypassed Moore’s claims and was more interested in knowing why the politician felt celebrities should “stay out of politics.”

“If you’re saying you didn’t really plan to close down the strip clubs, whatever… That’s old news now,” the rapper began. “You lost sight of one thing: this culture. The creatives in this city, we run this town.

He continued, “She say that celebrities shouldn’t even be involved with politics. That sounds eerily similar to when people said to LeBron, ‘Shut up and dribble.’ Right? You see, it’s that very energy, the tone of that, is the reason why you aren’t fit to sit in the seat of the mayor of Atlanta. You don’t understand, you dig? We run this town.”

The “About the Money” rapper told Moore directly its “the culture” that draws attraction to  Atlanta, including its music, fashion, and party scene.

Killer Mike also addressed Moore’s comments during an appearance on “The Big Tigger Show,” calling them “low class” and “evil” and saying he was “glad” Atlanta chose Mayor-elect Dickens. In addition, he slammed Moore for appearing on TMZ. 

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