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NFL Analyst Ryan Clark Exposes Online Troll Calling Him N-Word In DMs, But He Keeps The Response Classy

The internet is still a place where the toxic can hide their faces in hopes of never being exposed. However, ESPN analyst Ryan Clark is part of the athletes and former athletes seeking to change that.

The former NFL safety recently exposed racist and homophobic direct messages (DMs) on his Instagram page. The NSFW language was sent by a user called @realty_realtor, who came for Clark, reportedly spewing the N-word and making homophobic statements.

Ryan Clark (NFL Youtube Screengrab)

Trolls Keep Trolling

Additionally, the person trolling tried to hit a sore spot for Clark mentioning his and the Steelers’ 2011 Super Bowl loss against the Green Bay Packers.

However, Clark clapped back with a mild response: “God bless you and yours. I pray you live forever.”

Clark then tweeted a screenshot of the DM and had fun at the expense of the person who tried to victimize him, while leaving a poignant tongue-in-cheek mic drop about racism still being alive and well.

“Y’all at least go to put a picture up Green Bay fans!! This isn’t even fun. Sheesh!! Man good thing racism doesn’t exist huh?”

Broadcast Ubiquity

Clark, a ubiquitous ESPN analyst, can dust his shoulders off as one of the emerging faces in broadcast sports.

In February, ESPN re-signed Ryan Clark to a multi-year deal. It extended the Super Bowl Champion’s tenure with the network that began in 2015.

Clark, a former Pro Bowl safety, is a year-round presence on multiple shows and platforms, including surrounding the NFL’s most significant annual events — Super Bowl, Draft, free agency and training camp. Additionally, he appears on SportsCenter with SVP following “Monday Night Football,” “Get Up,” and “NFL Live” each week; no wonder the trolls are hating.

NFL Legend

Clark retired from his 13-year NFL playing career following the 2014 season. However, during the Louisiana native’s NFL career, he won Super Bowl XLIII, two AFC Championships (2008 and 2010), and was named a Pro Bowler (2011).

To find out more about the racist social media DM rants against ESPN personality Ryan Clark, click here

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