‘Laughing’: Dr. Dre Reacts to T-Pain’s Emotional Plea for Aspiring Artists to Create A New Sound Before Trying to Make It In the Music Industry

It looks like T-Pain is not the only celebrity that believes aspiring rap artists are sounding too similar to the established artists.

On July 14, Dr. Dre reposted a viral video of T-Pain emotionally ranting about wannabe rappers sending him music to check out in hopes of getting reposted, discovered, etc. What sparked the rant, was Pain trying to show love to aspiring artists by playing some of their music on Twitch Livestream. However, as he continued to listen to the snippets of the artists’ music, he grew frustrated after realizing he was hearing sounds that were too similar to what’s already out in the music industry.

Dr. Dre co-signs T-Pain’s emotional plea for aspiring artists to create a new sound. @drdre/Instagram

The part of his Live that actually went viral is when the “Bartender” singer begins yelling at his Live telling the artists to “DO SOME DIFFERENT MUSIC.” He explained that the music being sent to him resembles the sounds of prominent rappers like “Lil Baby, DaBaby, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Yachty.”

Under his repost, Dre wrote, “Shoutout to @tpain!! I’m here laughing my f-ckin ass off, but he’s right. I know and feel exactly what you’re saying.”

Fans agreed with Dre and Pain. One person said, “For Dre to come out and support this clip you know it’s time for something new !” Another person who had more to say wrote, “HipHop been out since 1978… Rappers been cookie cuttin sounds and shark biting styles forever. N-ggaz ain’t been original since the 90s. This rant is facts but 20 years late.”

Pain noted the multi-Grammy-award-winning rapper’s repost and commented, “🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌.” However, with support comes criticism, and some fans felt Pain was being a bit hypocritical. One person took direct shots at Pain for using Auto-Tune in most of his songs. She said, “nobody said nothing when all y’all was on auto-tune.” Someone else wrote, “We was tired of your same flow and auto tuned voice but we still supported you.”

The Tallahassee native, who’s won two Grammys and had 13 nominations, took to Twitter on July 14 to defend himself against his critics. He said, “I undrstnd not every1 likes me and may not agree with my opinions but by all means don’t make up dumb sh-t like ‘he just mad because he ain’t got no hits’ I’m in all different genres. Got 2 legit Grammies in the last 3 years and got a song out rn that’s top 15 on radio in the US.”

He followed up with another message writing, “I’m not explaining myself I just don’t like ppl being content with being stupid and uninformed. If some rando talked sh-t on your page you’d look up all their SM pages to see what dirt you can get 😂 just do a little research before you think you hittin me wit somethin 😂.”

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