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‘I Thought He Was Trying to Get His Wife Back’: Tyrese Stumps Fans After He Shares Affectionate Posts with His Suspected New Boo

Could singer Tyrese have a new leading lady in his life? People on social media certainly think so after the “Sweet Lady” crooner posted a video of himself and social media influencer Zelie Timothy being affectionate with one another during NBA All-Star weekend in Atlanta.

Considering that Tyrese is going through a divorce from his wife of four years, Samantha Lee, and has publicly declared he would not only get his wife back, and that being single sucks, his post came as a surprise for most.

Singer Tyrese may have found a new love interest in social media influencer Zelie Timothy. (Photo: @tyrese/Instagram)

The post, a video that sounded the rumor mill alarm, shows the “Fast and Furious” franchise actor in a lounge-like setting smoking from a hookah with Zelie sitting next to him before she leans in to kiss his cheek. The singer already knew the post would be an attention-grabber and opted to disable the comments.

But that did not stop folks from snapping screenshots and discussing the matter outside of his Instagram page.

“😂😂😂 was he not just sad like yesterday…..”

“Wasn’t he just cryin on IG about how he gonna get his wife back”

“He still gon cry in the car”

“I thought he was trying to get his wife back 🙄. Thought he was trying to have Kirk Franklin couple goals? #BoyBye,” wrote one person, referring to the time when Tyrese derailed an IG post for Kirk and Tammy Franklin’s anniversary by pouring his heart out to Samantha.

A second video of the possible new couple shows them at the All-Star Game holding hands. Again Tyrese disabled the comments. However, he did caption the video: “Never go out…… #AntiSocial #BlackPanthers ‘I don’t know what it is but those Leo’s drive me 😣’- #AllStarAtL never been so happy about sitting alone in my life……… #CovidIsStillVeryRealOutHere stay safe out there y’all.”

Zelie, who happens to list her zodiac sign as a Leo in her bio on social media, has seen the hoopla about “are they or aren’t they?” circulating, wrote, “What’s understood does not need to be explained” on her post of the duo’s time out.

Tyrese’s alleged new boo Zelie Timothy wants people to mind their own business instead of worrying about her love life. (Photo: @zelietimothy/Instagram)

She also briefly addressed those who are criticizing her and Tyrese for appearing to be involved with one another.

“Stop judging people you don’t even know 💯,” she wrote in her Instagram Story, which was followed by a photo of her holding the singer’s hand and several other moments from their time at the All-Star Game.

But unlike her suspected beau, she did not disable her comments.

“It was the liquor he gon make her delete this when he sobers up”

Whatever the situation is between Tyrese and Zelie, he seems appreciative of her company, judging by a post where he hints at the time they spent together publicly.

“Sometimes you just gotta get out of the house stressing over s–t you can’t change does nothing…….. Shout to those who ain’t got nothing figured out but just out here trying……….. Zzzzzzzzzz thank you for the laughs and good vibes I know I needed.”

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