‘Know Ya Daddy Gone Show Out’: Reginae Carter’s Birthday Theme Gets Fans Riled Up

Sagittarius season is right around the corner, and one particular November birthday girl, reality TV star Reginae Carter, is gearing up for her birthday party.

The Savage Fenty Ambassador will celebrate her 23rd birthday with a rockstar-themed party, which she announced on Thursday, Nov. 18. Carter went all out in her Instagram announcement video, wearing attire that would go with her theme.

Reginae Carter
Reginae Carter @reginae/Instagram (photo courtesy)

She wore distressed fishnets and leopard print skates and a long-sleeved distressed fishnet top under a yellow distressed mini dress. Carter pretended to play a guitar, which she used as a prop, and used speakers to sit on in some parts of the video. Throughout the video, she stuck her tongue out while giving the rock-and-roll hand symbol, which includes the thumb, index and pinky fingers being up, with the other fingers down.

The video included a small segment of the Shop Boyz 2007 hit single “Party Like a Rock Star.”

In the Instagram caption, she wrote, “We doing a lil something like disss😏 This year for my birthday the theme is “Rock & Roll with Reginae “ 🎉🎉 so make sure on November 27th , y’all ready to turn up 🥵 SAVE THE DATE ! I’ll be sending invitations out soon (I’m very last minute this year I know 🥺).”

Fans got excited over the news and gave their reactions in the comments section.

One person wrote, “Know ya daddy gone show out.” Carter’s father, Lil Wayne, born Dwayne Carter, had a rock-themed album called “Rebirth.”

Other fans and friends of Carter made sure to let her know that they were interested in celebrating her birthday at the party. “Don’t forget my invitations boo,” “I BEST GET MY INVITATION THIS YEAR,” and “Imma dm my address I wanna come toooooo,” wrote a few. Last year, Carter’s birthday was a 1999/2000’s-themed party, and many people showed out in their ‘fits.

Stay tuned to see what outfits may pop up this year.

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