Ciara’s COVID-19 Discussion is Interrupted by Her 1-Year-Old Son: ‘This Cutie Also Has His Own Speech Prepared’

Ciara‘s COVID-19 discussion at the White House on Wednesday, Nov. 17, got sidetracked after the singer’s son Win Harrison Wilson,1, became the main attraction.

During her visit to the Oval Office, Ciara, who came with her three children, shared her oldest son Future Zahir Wilburn’s experience with the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine in hopes to promote it.

Ciara’s COVID-19 speech gets interrupted by her 1-year-old son Win Harrison Wilson. Photo:@nancycordes/Twitter

Last month, the Food and Drug Administration authorized the emergency use of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine in children ages five to 11 years old. The goal behind the vaccination is to protect individuals against COVID-19. 

Ciara, 36, said, with her youngest child Win making his way to the podium, “My son Future actually got vaccinated… what two days ago, Future?” Future then responded, “Yeah.” Ciara then continued to open up about how it was as a mother to see the 7-year-old go through this process and experience the journey with him.

She stated, “He walked in excited — a little nervous, but he was excited — because a lot of his classmates had already gotten vaccinated, so it was really cool to be on that journey with him. Being a mom and seeing it through his eyes was amazing as well.”

Things began to take a turn after the singer noticed the infant crawling back and forth on the stage as she expressed the ultimate “goal” behind the vaccination. “I think the ultimate goal is to end this thing and for us all to feel a bit more safe and have an added layer of protection.”

As the discussion came to an end, Ciara revealed the reason for her appearance at the White House was because she was called to talk about the vaccination along with First Lady Jill Biden’s team.

As fans began to view the video shared by Chief White House correspondent Nancy Cordes’ Twitter page, many bypassed Ciara’s message and mentioned Win’s cameo.

“This cutie also has his own speech prepared and is letting mom know that she is taking too long lol.”

“Win on the quarterback sneak play at the White House today! Too cute!”

(L-R): First Lady Jill Biden and Ciara Photo:@ciara/Instagram

“OMG Ciara I’m screaming he’s so cute, he’s so adorable.”

“Awww look at Win.”

Following her COVID-19 discussion, Ciara took to Instagram to thank the First Lady for inviting her to the White House to talk about the importance of “vaccinating the youth.” She wrote, “@Flotus, thank you for welcoming my family and I to The @WhiteHouse. It was such an honor to join you to talk about vaccinating our youth. Let’s end this pandemic together #LevelUp.”

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