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‘Come Through Little Diana’: Tracee Ellis Ross Admits She Really Looks ‘Like My Mama’ In This Picture

Tracee Ellis Ross gets it from her mama — her looks, that is.

In a new photo shoot for her Harper’s Bazaar Magazine interview, Ross can’t escape the comparisons to her mother, Diana Ross. Posting a photo from the shoot, Ross writes, “I love that I look like my mama in this pic.”

Tracee Ellis Ross points out the resemblance between her and her mom as she poses on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar (Photo: @traceeellisross/Instagram)

In the Instagram photo, she is seen wearing a lavender oversized off-shoulder dress. Because the dress is so long and wide there is no telling whether she has shoes on. The actress is standing outside against a tree with a body of water behind her as she smiles gently at the camera. Her hair was designed in a big afro and was accompanied by two earrings that hang down by each side of her face.

Fans complimented Ross for her looks and shared the sentiments about her resembling her mother. “Come through Little Diana,” wrote one person, while another said, “You really do look like her! So beautiful.” A third person playfully asked, “when do you not look like her?”’

It appears that the “Black-ish” star isn’t the only one ecstatic about her magazine cover. Her dad, Robert Ellis Silberstein, almost bought every Harper’s Bazaar magazine they had in a store that the two were in together. In a cute Instagram video, Ross films her dad walking over to the magazines in the store saying, “I can’t stand it,” followed by her repeatedly and frantically saying, “Oh my gosh.”

Tracee Ellis Ross and her father, Robert Ellis Silberstein. @traceeellisross/Instagram

Then she encouraged her dad to purchase all of the magazines with her on it saying, “Buy it out Dad, take them all.” Once they got to the cash register they decided that it would be nice to “leave a couple” of magazines for other people who may want to purchase and read them. The last three slides in the post show the daddy-daughter duo wearing big smiles as they flash the cover of the magazine.

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