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‘Told You Stay Away from Boys’: Kaavia James’ Latest Post Will Have You Not Only Relating but Also Cracking Up

Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade may soon have more things to worry about when it comes to their daughter Kaavia James Union Wade.

On the 3-year-old’s Instagram account, which is clearly run by her parents, Kaavia’s latest post is one that many of her fans can relate to … being ghosted. In the posted photos, she is laying on a bed next to a stuffed animal looking slightly stressed with her hand placed on her head.

Kaavia James Union Wade. @kaaviajames/Instagram

The caption better explained her distressed expression. It reads, “When your friends tell you not to blow up his phone, but you called… and texted… and dm’d… and that fool left yo butt on read and now you just thinking about your poor life choices.” The followers who knew Kaavia was too young to be having boy troubles just played along with the scenario in the comments.

Her 19-year-old brother Zaire Wade was one follower who left a hilarious comment under the post. “Told you stay away from boys,” he wrote.

Another follower who has seemingly already been through something similar decided to look at the bright side of the situation. “At least she’s learning her lessons sooner in life 😂 it’ll be out her system by the time she’s in her 20’s,” they wrote.

Some other fan wrote, “I am not going to speak for everyone but I have been there, had to have a rethink. Guess what, I choose me.” Kaavia has a natural humor that keeps her fans giggling and most of the time she isn’t even trying to be funny she is just keeping it real.

Since her birth, she has grown popular not only because her mother is a well-known actress and her father is a former NBA player, but also because people were intrigued by her story of being born via surrogate. Before she could even crawl, Kaavia became a meme when people noticed a hilarious side-eye look that she would give at any point in time.

The facial expression earned her the title of Shady Baby and 1.8 million followers on Instagram.

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