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‘If Portion Control Was a Person!’: Kaavia James Has Fans In Stitches After Denying Mom Gabrielle Union This Request

Gabrielle Union can’t seem to win for losing when it comes to playing make-believe with her “Shady Baby” toddler Kaavia James.

As feisty and witty as the “Bring It On” actress is, time and time again it is proved that she met her match when daughter Kaavia stepped onto the scene. From a fan perspective, the first-time mother seemingly enjoys having her emotions throttled by the almost 3-year-old every time Union shares a shade-filled moment her child. Things were no different when the actress joined Kaavia in a game of make-believe ice cream shop. 

Playing make-believe ice cream shop goes left for Gabrielle Union and daughter Kaavia James. (Photo: @gabunion/Instagram)

In a video posted to social, Union approaches Kaavia’s ice cream shop — which is really a chic child-sized playhouse in the backyard — in hopes of buying some of the imaginary sweet treat. To her surprise Kaavia pops up at the shop’s window with a smile, resounding squeal of joy and a “What do you want?”

Still soft-spoken and making the most of the encounter, Union orders chocolate chip, consumes it and then attempts to get a second serving. “Can I get some more ice cream?” asked the “Being Mary Jane” actress. Kaavia, who was ready for her next customer, responded with a straightforward “You already had some,” and proceeded to take her next customer’s order. 

Her mother captioned the comical video — which includes the mother-daughter duo swapping roles and Kaavia bartering a small pumpkin for the invisible sweet treat: “Me and @kaaviajames get ice cream. When @kaaviajames told me I already had some after I asked for more ice cream…that hurt. This kid yalllllll [laughing tears emoji].”

Fans of both Kaavia and her mother ate the encounter up in the video’s countless comments. 

“She’s willing to serve everyone before serving seconds is what I took from that [laughing tears emoji],” wrote one person. 

“We need a tour of the store sis [laughing tears] it’s giving luxurious ice cream spot [laughing emoji] [red heart emoji]”

“You already had some….if portion control was a person!!!” commented another. 

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