‘Soulja Still Tryna Go Viral’: Soulja Boy Rehashes Kanye West Beef Despite Their Differences Being Settled, Fans Get Distracted By His ‘Theatrics’

Earlier this week, Kanye West and Soulja Boy settled their differences about Soulja’s verse being left off of West’s “Donda” album. Now that things are all good between the two artists, Soulja told “The Breakfast Club” on Friday that all he wanted West to do was be “more open” and honest about his opinion of the verse.

“After we spoke I just felt like, ‘Oh, OK, he don’t mean no harm. This aint come from a place of ill intent,’” he said, referring to the text he received from West apologizing for not using the verse. This apology comes after West appeared on the “Drink Champs” podcast last week where he said the verse wasn’t good. Shortly after the premiere of that episode, Soulja went off on Kanye in a video because Kanye initially told him the verse was good.

Soulja Boy (L) rehashes beef with Kanye West (R). Photo by Jerritt Clark/Getty Images for French Montana, Brandon Magnus/Getty Images

“But at this point I just feel like man, Kanye, is a great artist, he’s a great producer, he’s a great rapper, he’s a great designer, businessman, but it’s like nobody is perfect that’s what people need to understand,” Soulja continued telling the hosts of “The Breakfast Club.”

“I think people look at people like Kanye West or Big Draco [aka Soulja] and they hold us to this perfect thing but you got to understand everybody ain’t perfect,” he continued. “That’s why you should be able to check n-ggas. Kanye ain’t used to nobody telling him ‘n-gga you trippin’ ‘ or ‘bruh, that’s wrong,’ because we so high up on a pedestal that we don’t like to listen to nobody. We don’t have to, because we usually got it down packed, but sometimes players f-ck up too.”

When “The Breakfast Club” co-host Angela Yee asked the “Kiss Me Thru The Phone” rapper if he would have been offended had Kanye actually shared his true feelings about the verse instead of lying and telling him it was good at first, Soulja said he would not have taken it to heart.

“I would never be offended,” Soulja replied. “Like, that’s what we do music for, to be critiqued and make it the best outcome. You don’t want to make something that everybody not happy with, but you got to learn to communicate too at the same time. You can’t just be holding that in or thinking that in your head, and you definitely can’t be telling somebody this is a great piece of work and in your head be like, ‘I don’t really like it.’”

Soulja suggested to Kanye that “when you making more album be more open, bruh. The sh-t that you think is trash is probably hard as f-ck to 100 million people.” He later added, “You ain’t in the streets like me, you in church, you in divorce court and sh-t like that. You not where I’m at. I’m in the street, in the club, I know what’s hot, n-gga.”

Since making up, Soulja confirmed that he would work with Kanye again in the future.

Fan reactions to the interview varied from empathetic to bemused.

“I agree he could have messaged him and let him know that directly,” said one person. Another said, “I mean Soulja got a point,” and someone else wrote, “Soulja Boy hilarious bro. I don’t care what nobody say. Lol.”

“His theatrics be killing me.”

“At this point Soulja still tryna go viral.”

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