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‘That Man Got Knocked Out for That’: Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson Gives His Fiancée Sharelle This Lavish Gift

Chad Johnson’s fiancée Sharelle Rosado revealed on Monday, June 14, that the former Cincinnati Bengals player gifted her with a red GLS 600 Mercedes Maybach truck by posting a clip on her Instagram as she gave fans a slight peek of her car. Although the apparent reason behind the lavish gift approximately, worth about $160,500, was never revealed, Rosado displayed the vehicle’s detailed burgundy and off-white leather interior features. 

She captioned the recording, “My baby surprised me today! Thank you so much baby for my @mercedesmaybach!! I love you @ochocinco ❤️🥰.” As fans began to view the viral video, a multitude of them started cracking jokes. A few mentioned how Johnson is incredibly frugal with his money. One Instagram user went as far as to bring up the former NFL player’s post where he suggested his daughter get a job for wanting Yeezys.

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson’s fiancée Sharelle Rosado revealed that the former NFL player gifted her a Mercedes Maybach SUV. Photo:@sharellerosado_/Instagram

Other groups of people expressed how Johnson may have possibly used the $1 million he got for his boxing match against Brian Maxwell to get Rosado the vehicle. 

“He really loves her cause we all know Ocho don’t blow no bags for nothing.”

“He must really love her because he said that he’s very frugal with spending his money…”

“She got maybach money? 😂😂😂 i can imagine his daughter asking that after not getting him to buy some yeezys.”

“That celebrity boxing check just hit.”

“That man got knocked out for that. She better appreciate it.”

“This why he took that knock out 😂😅.”

Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson and Sharelle Rosado Photo:@sharellerosado_/Instagram

Rosado and Johnson, who have been together for an undisclosed amount of time, debuted their relationship to the public toward the end of 2020. By January 2021, the couple had become engaged. A short time later, it was revealed during an episode called “Behind Every Good Man Is a Strong Woman” of Johnson’s “I Am Athlete” podcast that they met after Rosado made the first move by sliding in Johnson’s DMs.

Rosado said, “I slid in his DM. We used to tell — the joke was, we met on Christian Mingle, but I actually slid in his DMs.” The sports and entertainment realtor admitted she gained the courage to talk to the former athlete after spotting him “across the field” at a track meet for both of their daughters from prior relationships. 

“He was always a crush of mine. Like for years. Sexy, tall, chocolate. That thang know he fine,” the Operation Enduring Freedom vet said. “But we would run into each other during track meets. I would see him. I didn’t say anything, but I slid into his DM, and he responded like two seconds later. We exchanged numbers. He FaceTimed me right away, and then we just started talking.”

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