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‘Yall Been Watching Martin’: Serena Williams Shares The Hilarious Name Her Daughter Came Up with For One of Her Dolls

Serena Williams fans might have just figured out a bit of what the television viewing lineup for her daughter looks like.

Williams shared a cute video of her 4-year-old daughter, Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr., revealing the names she has given a few of her dolls. In the 18-second Oct. 28 video, Williams picked the dolls up one by one and asked her daughter, whose nickname is Olympia, to reveal their identities.

Serena Williams (R) and her daughter Alexis Olympia Ohanian Jr. (L) Photo: @serenawilliams/Instagram)

For the first doll, Olympia was apparently her own inspiration for the doll because she said that she named it Olympia. Holding up the second doll, Williams can be heard in the background asking her daughter “What’s this doll’s name.” It’s difficult to make out exactly what she said, but it sounds like she named the doll “Moo.”

The third and final doll’s name is what caught the attention of many fans. Olympia said that her name is “Sha-nay-nay” then added, in a more sassy tone, “Her name is Sha-nay-nay girrrl.” The TikTok video had the words “Tell me where you are from without telling me” written on the bottom. The video had several fans cracking up, as many of them had a pretty good idea about where the name “Sha-nay-nay” came from.

“Yalll been watching Martin with the baby,” joked one person. “That baby did not say Sha-nay-nay girrrll,” and “Ohhhh she’s too funny! So cute,” were just a few of the other reactions from Olympia’s funny response.

Shanaynay is a fictional character from the popular television sitcom called “Martin,” starring actor Martin Lawrence. While she wasn’t technically considered a main character, Shanaynay was a sassy recurring character who always picked fights with a few of the main characters on the show like Gina, played by Tisha Campbell, and Pamela James, who was portrayed by Tichina Arnold.

“Martin” took place in Detroit, Michigan, and was mainly centered around Martin and his girlfriend along with their friends. Martin aired in 1992 and continued until 1997. Old episodes from the show still air to this day.

“What can I say,” wrote Williams.

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