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‘She Really Stepping Out with the Lemon Peppa Steppers?’: Tracee Ellis Ross’ New Glam Photo Gets Derailed After Fans Zoom In on the Actress’ Feet

Tracee Ellis Ross’ latest fashion photo had fans at odds in the comments section on Wednesday, Nov. 3, after the actress uploaded an Instagram post showcasing her Gucci attire.

The reason behind the commotion was Ross’ shoes.

Tracee Ellis Ross’ latest fashion photo leads to a social media debate over the actress’ shoes. Photo:@traceeellisross/Instagram

The 49-year-old wore the Gucci outfit in honor of the company’s Love Parade the night before in California at Hollywood Blvd. During the event, numerous celebrities modeled Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele’s Spring-Summer 2022 collection.

In the social media post, Ross is wearing a blue beaded crop top, a red skirt, and square-toed shoes. She topped the ensemble with a slick back ponytail, a multi-colored Gucci purse and dangle earrings. In addition to the photo, Ross thanked Gucci in the caption for a “beautiful” night out and the attire. She said, “Thank you, @gucci, for the most beautiful show and this glorious’ fit! #gucciloveparade.”

As fans began to view Ross’ post, many opinions regarding the star’s shoes differed. Some raved over it while others claimed they didn’t like the shoes for the particular outfit she wore.

“Idk about the sling-backs Auntie but everything else is (fire emoji).”

“She really stepping out with the lemon peppa steppers lol?”

“I love everything, but the shoes… sorry”

“Love love love the sling-back shoes!”

“Beautiful Shoes.”

“That bag! That outfit! Those shoes!”

Among the mixed reviews, several people complimented Ross for being a fashion trendsetter. One wrote, “Different but beautiful! You’re a trendsetter.” Another said, “Such a fashion icon!” An Instagram user claimed the star’s fashion choices “stand out from anyone else” in the industry. They stated, “Why do you hit different? Like you really stand out from anyone else in the fashion world.”

Ross disclosed during an interview with “CNN Style” why fashion was important. She told the publication in 2019, “For me, fashion started as a way to protect myself — to have a bit of control over how the world perceives me. And I think, for many, that’s still the case. I think fashion has evolved for me personally into a form of creative expression.”

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