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‘Somebody’s Going to Hell for This’: Tracee Ellis Ross’ Fashion Struggles Leave Fans In Tears

Tracee Ellis Ross’ fashion faux pas on May 17 had fans dying of laughter following the “black-ish” actress’s revelation on her Instagram page that the latest look sported for her Marie Claire cover shoot came with some behind-the-scenes struggles. In the clip, an out-of-breath Ross — with the help of the shoot’s stylist Shiona Turini — is seen attempting to put on two left thigh-high armor boots. 

The 48-year-old said while speeding up the audio sound in various instances in the recording, “Hold on, OK. OK, let’s try the other leg. Hold on. OK, I feel like I need to take the jacket off. Hold on just a second. It’s going in. It’s not there yet. No, OK. Oh, fashion!” 

Tracee Ellis Ross shares the behind-the-scenes fashions struggles she faces in her latest photoshoot for Marie Claire including having to wear two left armor boots. Photo: @traceeellisross/Instagram

Following the hilarious video, Ross shared what the final product looked like, which showcased the actress wearing a colorful Balenciaga puffer jacket along with the steel armor boots. She captioned the upload, “Oh what I’ll do for fashion… yes, these were both left-footed boots 😂 bless you @shionat for rolling all over the floor trying to get these on my feet!”

Despite Ross’ pain, many fans couldn’t help but make light of the situation by throwing a few jokes in the comments section. 

“Somebody goin to hell for this 😭 those look painful.”

“It was a photo shoot AND a work out 😂🙌🔥.”

“Omg I laughed so hard then thought why didn’t you put the jacket on after the heel? 😂😂😂😂😂 but what a 🔥 look 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽.”

“For the love of fashion 😂.”

One fan went as far as to compare Ross’ look to the Tin Man in “The Wiz,” which Ross’ mother Diana Ross starred in. “I thought it was an ode to the Wiz lol.”

While many people expressed how funny they thought Ross’ latest clip was, others mentioned how strongly the actress resembled her mother, legendary actress and singer Diana Ross. One wrote, “Omg you look like your mom!” An Instagram user said they initially thought Diana was in the clip upon viewing the video. “I honestly thought this was Lady Diana at the beginning….wow!!!”

Ross recently praised her mother and the women in her life that help catapult her to being the woman she is today. In honor of International Women’s Day she shared a series of throwback photos of Diana and her sisters Chudney and Rhonda.

She captioned the March 8 post, “The women i come from. My foundation. My home. #internationalwomensday.”

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