‘49 WHERE?!’: Gabrielle Union Commemorates Her 49th Birthday by Sharing This Cheeky Image with Dwyane Wade, Fans are Left Speechless

Gabrielle Union left fans flabbergasted on Friday, Oct. 29, after the actress uploaded a sexy photo for her 49th birthday, including her husband, Dwyane Wade.

During Union’s birthday celebration, the couple went on a mini-gateway trip to an undisclosed location where they frolicked on the beach, went horseback riding and spent time on a yacht.

Gabrielle Union uploads a cheeky photo with her husband, Dwyane Wade, in honor of her 49th birthday. Photo:@gabunion/Instagram

In the Instagram post captioned, “Why YESSSS, I am a Scorpio What gave it away?? #49,” Union is seductively showing off her assets at the deck of the yacht while Wade captured the right angle with his camera.

Despite what fans deemed was a jaw-dropping image, neither the location nor the cameraperson — who took a photo of Wade and Union — remained unidentified. As Union’s followers viewed the upload, many of them couldn’t believe the star turned 49.

“49!!?! How? OMG! Need to get it together now….”

“How are you 49 and look like that.”

“49 WHERE?!”

“I can’t believe you’re 49, you look MAYBE 35 MAX!!”

“49 & fine.”

The following day, Wade surprised Union with a performance from the R&B group 112. In the clip shared on Wade’s respective Instagram account, the 39-year-old recorded the group singing a live rendition of the ’90s group hit song “Cupid.” Throughout the video, Wade showcased parts of the venue, which was located at an undisclosed beach.

Wade captioned the upload, “Happy Forty-Fine @gabunion #112.” Union shared how much she appreciated his gift in the comments section by writing, “THE BEST!!!!! @112.” As the clip went viral, several people reiterated Union’s previous sentiments to the actress’ surprise. 

One wrote, “When he understands the assignment ‼️ finishes it on time ‼️ and receives an A+‼.️”Another said, “Omg, this is everything! Y’all are amazing together… God Bless.”

An Instagram user claimed that Wade rose the bar high for other men with Union’s gift. That person stated, “112 is forever legendary!!!! Dewayne just raised the bar so high….. happy birthday, queen love you guys.”

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