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‘Baby Girl Had Things to Do’: Gabrielle Union’s Celebratory Toast Gets Derailed After Daughter Kaavia James Steals the Spotlight

Gabrielle Union‘s celebration for her latest book on Sept. 24 made an unexpected turn after her daughter Kaavia James Union Wade‘s personality took center stage.

In the video, the actress was commemorating her second memoir “You Got Anything Stronger” becoming a New York Times bestseller when the toddler began getting antsy.

Gabrielle Union’s latest video celebrating her second book “You Got Anything Stronger” hitting The New York Times bestseller list goes left after her daughter Kaavia James Union Wade becomes the center of attention. @gabunion/Instagram

The celebration, which included Union’s close family and friends as well as husband Dwyane Wade, began with a toast from an unidentified speaker. The unnamed person was praising the 48-year-old for being open and honest about her past struggles as Kaavia James is talking and walking around in the background.

The toast issuer said: “To the hardest working woman in every room. You work so hard and really show people who you are on this tour. … You’ve shown everybody that to be yourself and really show your truth pays off. And it pays off on the New York Times bestseller list.”

Following the toast, Wade flaunts the book in front of the camera before tossing it next to his wife, who is sitting on the couch. Kaavia James then abruptly tells her father, “Daddy don’t drop it. Don’t drop it, that’s not nice.”

Toward the end of the clip, Union asks the toddler if she is a New York Times bestseller, to which she responds “no.” When asked if “Shady Baby” — a book written by Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union inspired by their daughter — was a bestseller Kaavia James said, “Yea.”

As fans began to view Union’s recording many of them reacted to Kaavia James effortlessly stealing the show.

“Man @kaaviajames needed that toast to be done faster, baby girl had things to do.”

“She can’t help the main character vibes💫.”

“I love this little girl with this larger than life personality. She cracks me up😂😂.”

“Kaavia is always stealing the show 😍😍😍.. congratulations.”

A day before the celebration, Union posted an Instagram Reel announcing that her second memoir has made it in the New Times bestseller list. She captioned the post, “Sliding onto the New York Times Best Seller List like… I am so happy and humbled to come out the gate with such positive feedback and reviews and seeing the impact of being vulnerable. Vulnerability is truly a superpower!!!”

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