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‘Imagine Being This Rich’: Jada Pinkett Smith’s ‘Tea’ Video Has Fans Focusing on Her Wealth

Jada Pinkett Smith‘s wealth was the topic of conversation on Saturday, Oct. 23, after fans zoomed in on how she got her tea delivered.

In the Instagram post, Pinkett Smith, who is reportedly worth $50 million, was reading a book outside of what appears to be her property when a drone brought her a basket containing tea packets and a cup.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s video of her tea being delivered on a drone has fans bringing up her wealth. Photo:@jadapinkettsmith/Instagram

Throughout the short clip, the 50-year-old is adding ingredients to make the herbal flavored beverage.The items included a tea packet and water. At the end of the recording, Pinkett Smith resumes reading while sipping on her tea.

In addition to the video, the “Red Table Talk” co-host expressed how much she likes herbal tea in her caption. She said, “Ain’t nothing like sipp’n on a lil tea …I just happen to enjoy the herbal kind.” As fans began to view Pinkett Smith’s post, many brought up how rich she is.

“Imagine being this rich.”

“…When you just have lots of cash flow…”

“How rich people sip tea.”

“Show me you’re rich without showing me you’re rich.”

“She just acts like it normal to have drones bring you things.”

Among the handful of comments, several people mentioned how the drone delivered the tea. One wrote, “How’s that for special delivery!!!!” Another said, “Wow that’s the coolest delivery I’ve ever seen! Love it.”

An Instagram user questioned if they would be provided that luxury if they purchased the tea Pinkett Smith had in the video. That person asked,”Does the outdoor delivery come with the tea.”

Although Pinkett Smith is quite subtle when showing off her riches, fans got a glimpse when she celebrated her birthday last month with a skating rink party. The event, which included many celebrity friends, took place in a built-in skating rink in her backyard.

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