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Who Wore It Best! Lil Kim and Mary J. Blige Both Step Out In Bottega Veneta Looks

Mary J. Blige and her long-time friend Lil Kim seem to have similar fashion tastes.

The two music legends attended the Bottega Veneta fashion show in Detroit where the fashion company debuted “Salon 03,” its Spring/Summer 2022 collection. While they sat and watched the models strut in the pieces from the new line, Blige and Kim were both wearing pieces of their own from the luxury Italian company.

Mary J. Blige and Lil Kim (Photo: @fashionbombdaily/Instagram)

Blige wore a bright red shearling coat that had several padded tails on it. With that being the main attraction of her outfit, the R&B legend let the coat steal the show and went with a black pair of high-waisted latex pants. Underneath the coat, it’s difficult to tell the details underneath outside of a bit of black popping through. The shoes were black as well. The coat reportedly is worth $22,200.

As for makeup, her eyes were decorated with a smokey look and her lips were a nude brown. Her blond tresses were styled up into a bun and two strands were left out in front as her bangs.

Although Lil Kim’s entire outfit was from the same brand as Blige’s, hers was completely different from the “Just Fine” singer’s. The feathery fit was made up of a reportedly $20,000 purple dress from Bottega Veneta. Her sandal and purse of choice were both lime green and were made up of the same material as the dress she was wearing. She also was wearing black leather thigh-high socks under the sandals.

Her hair had a slight wave in it and was styled down with a side part and a hint of pink in it. The 47-year-old’s makeup was on the subtle side, and she wore a rosy pink lipstick.

When it comes to answering the question of who wore it better, once again fans had mixed answers. “Mary always understood the assignment that shouldn’t even be a question,” said one. “Yesss and Kim def slayyyeeedddd,” said another. But some believe they both worked the outfits: “They both ate!!!! Periodt.”

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