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‘I’m Sick of You’: Marlon Wayans’ Gym Pic Left Fans Cracking Up After They Zoomed In on This

Marlon Wayans’ post-gym selfie on Oct. 20 left fans in stitches after they saw the comedian’s facial expression.

In the Instagram post, Wayans claimed the reason behind the contorted face was because he would rather rest than go to the gym in the morning.

Marlon Wayans’ latest gym day selfie leaves fans in stitches. @marlonwayans/Instagram

He said, “Me running from my overly ambitious self that made me go to the gym this morning when I should’ve slept.” Despite what Wayans previously stated in his caption as the cause for his face, fans suggested his look was from bowel discomfort.

One person went as far as to compare his “constipated” expression to a “White Chicks” scene where Wayans’ character, who is lactose intolerant, rushed to the restroom because he unknowingly ate quiche.

“I know that face when u get to the front door & ya Stomach is on sum bs.”

“This right here giving me I gotta take a s–t vibes ‘ITS COMING.’”

“My initial thought was this I was the emergency bathroom run face. The one where you have to strip down completely. Guts be on bubbling cauldron mode.”

“My brotha, you look constipated.”

“Look just like you did on ‘White Chicks’ during that bathroom scene.”

In addition to the jokes, others mentioned how funny Wayans was. One wrote, “I’m sick of you.” Another said, “You’re soooo funny.” Wayans’ fitness journey began back in May after the actor shared his “dad body” posts. The uploads were influenced by Will Smith candidly opening up about his weight gain during quarantine.

Wayans first joined the challenge to get in the best of his life by his 49th birthday in July. He wrote, “Hey @willsmith posting my dad body/quarantine body too… f–k it! Wait a month… gonna post my transformation by my bday. I’ll have the best body of my life 7/23/2021 stay tuned. #dadbodychallenge.”

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