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‘The Fresh Prince Of Belly Air’: Will Smith Shocks Fans with Dramatic Weight Gain

If you let Will Smith fans tell it, gone may be the days of the actor being in tip-top “Ali ” and “I Am Legend” shape. Wearing nothing more than slippers, the shortest of shorts that may be underwear, and a windbreaker, the funnyman gave fans an eyeful of the body he is working with at the ripe age of 52.

Smith, who claims he’s in “the worst” shape of his life, sent social media into a frenzy when he posted the revealing photo on Sunday, May 2. 

Will Smith says he is in “the worst” shape of his life. (Photo: @willsmith/Instagram)

“Why you starting to look like Uncle Phil tho 😭😭”

“The Fresh Prince Of Belly Air 😂😂”

“Man! You have been in shape your whole life. Enjoy the dad bod with pride!,” are just a sampling of the comments left beneath the photo that amassed more than four million ‘likes.’ Some fans even poked fun at Smith, saying he was “getting jiggly with it” and had replaced his six-pack abs with a family pack instead.

But the two-time Oscar nominee, who is also sporting a beard in the photo, wasn’t only subjected to jokes. Many people laughed and warmly welcomed him with virtual high fives to the land of ‘pandemic weight gain.’

“We’re twins…” wrote Smith’s longtime best friend and music collaborator DJ Jazzy Jeff.

“ME TOO, it’s a quarantine bodyadyady,” commented another fan.

(Photo Screenshot: @willsmith/Instagram)

The A-list actor is slated to begin production on his latest film, “Emancipation,” in the near future. The film is directed by Hollywood juggernaut Antoine Fuqua and centers around the life of former slave “Whipped Peter.” Filming was expected to begin in June in Georgia. However, Smith and Fuqua released a joint statement announcing Georgia’s new controversial voting laws as reason enough to move the production elsewhere.

“We cannot in good conscience provide economic support to a government that enacts regressive voting laws that are designed to restrict voter access,” said the Hollywood box office duo. The new location and date for filming to kick off has yet to be announced, but fans suspect Smith’s less toned appearance may just be preparation for his role.

“Let’s just say it’s for a movie role😂😂”

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