‘Shaq Opened This App and Chose Violence’: Shaquille O’Neal’s Special Gift to Stephen A. Smith In Honor of His 54th Birthday Left Fans In Tears

Shaquille O’Neal‘s fans may have considered the star to be the pettiest gift-giver of all time on Oct. 14 after he celebrated his friend Stephen A. Smith‘s 54th birthday.

In the Instagram post, O’Neal shared a couple of photos and a video showing his latest hairstyle, including a shaved cut with a hairline seemingly similar to Smith’s. The 49-year-old said while singing a rendition of Lou Rawls’ “You’ll Never Find, (which is a line Mike Epps made popular in “All About the Benjamins”) “You’ll never find a hairline like mine.”

Shaquille O’Neal celebrates his friend Stephen A. Smith’s birthday by getting a similar hairline like the journalist’s. @shaq/Instagram

In addition to the funny upload, O’Neal expressed how much he loved Smith by saying, “Happy birthday to my good friend @stephenasmith. I’m rocking my hairline like this all season. All because you are my favorite guy. Love you, young man, I mean old man.”

Smith, who apparently appreciated the gesture, commented on his post, “Damn! Haaaaaa. Love you too, bro!” Later in the day, he also reposted the upload on his Instagram Story. As fans began to view the upload, many couldn’t help but mention how the O’Neal plays too much.

“Shaq is limitless with his pettiness lol.”

“Shaq play too much.”

“LMAOOOO Shaq opened this app and chose violence.”

“Shaq ain’t s–t for that.I love the man’s sense of humor though.”

“When you’re as big as Shaq, you never have to be the bigger person‼️ Take the petty road everytime”

Among the petty remarks, several others poked fun at O’Neal by stating it doesn’t matter if he got the haircut, as no one can see it because of his 7-foot-1 stature. One wrote, “Fun fact: No one can see over your head.” Another said, “Ain’t nobody seeing the top of his head anyway.”

A social media user brought said one would have to be the supreme being to see Shaq’s hairline. “Only God is going to be able to see that all the way up there.”

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