‘We Have to Change the Narrative’: Meek Mill’s Comparison Between ‘Squid Game’ and ‘Hood Poverty’ Send Twitter Into a Debate Over Accountability

Meek Mill has entered the groupchat. 

The Philly native made headlines this week for something other than the release of his latest album, “Expensive Pain” when he decided to make a unique comparison between “hood poverty” and Netflix’s latest much-talked about series, “Squid Game.”

Meek Mill performs onstage during Global Citizen Live, New York on September 25, 2021 in New York City. (Photo by John Lamparski/Getty Images,)

The Korean series has taken social media by storm and has offered a slew of new memes. The dark thriller finds 456 debt-riddled South Korean contestants competing in children’s games for a chance at 45.6 billion won — about $38.4 million. However, losers pay a deadly penalty. 

Meek’s Twitter post Saturday evening seemingly attempted to draw a connection to some of the systems used there to the ones in the U.S.

“Squid games’ pay attention how fast people switch and kill each other to survive,” The “Sharing Locations” rapper wrote. “Now think about the ‘hood’ poverty …it’s the exact same thing …if you just help them with work/money they won’t be that way ‘just a common sense message.’” 

However, the review quickly drew mixed reactions from social media users. One twitter user wrote, “In principle you’re right. But the squid game players (adults) willingly chose to return to survival mode fully aware of the consequences, the hood poverty “players” (kids) are born into survival mode not fully aware. Jobs and money are too simple a solution. #squidgames”

Another person commented, “They pour millions in the hood just for buildings, recreational things to get destroyed. Educational programs, books only for education to not be taken serious.” They added, “Because ‘being smart is corny’ At some point we have to change the narrative and it starts at home.”

Still, not everyone was totally against Meek’s viewpoint, including one user who wrote, “Exactly.. the people in power know this to be true their just playing real life squid games with us . Organized confusion.”

“If y’all looked @ the movie n can’t tell it shows how some people would do anything for money and betrayal then you was just looking at it off the popularity,” wrote a fourth. “Every movie come with a meaningful point if you say it ain’t show then u wasn’t really lookin.”


The streaming giant recently revealed “Squid Game” became its biggest show to date, garnering 111 million viewers worldwide since its debut on the platform less than four weeks ago.

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