‘Loving the Weight Loss’: Tammy Rivera’s Fans Praise the Star for Her New Figure

Tammy Rivera‘s fans were impressed by the star’s apparent weight loss after seeing her in a photo she posted to social media on Monday, Oct. 11.

The 35-year-old, who shared a caption-less image, showed off her seemingly smaller physique in a black jumpsuit, Nike sneakers, a jacket and matching Fendi hat and purse.

Tammy Rivera’s recent post has fans praising the star for her apparent weight loss. Photo:@charliesangelll/Instagram

Although Rivera didn’t confirm any type of weight loss in the upload or on her Instagram page, that didn’t stop her followers from sending praises her way. Several other people even shared that while the “Waka and Tammy” star appeared to be slimmer, they thought she looked great either way.

“Tammy you look good. You don’t need to lose anymore weight.”

“You losing that weight, girl.”

“Okkk you dropping that weight right off.”

“Loving the weight loss sis you look AMAZING (you look amazing either way).”

“Tam Tam…with the look away [smirk face emoji]. You looking like you slimming down, Sis Still Gorgeous.”

In a past interview with Essence magazine, Rivera revealed how she maintained her curvy figure. She credits removing dairy from her diet and having a form of exercise, which ranged included jumping rope. She’s also done singing lessons, which she said she found helped with her stomach area.

The reality star told the publication, “I try my best not to eat cream cheese, ice cream or milk and that’s the most I can cut out right now. Maybe in the future, I can cut out something else, but right now I’m just starting with the basics.”

She added, “Jumping rope has really helped me be able to hold my breath longer… It helps give you more depth and longer wind but it’s also toning because, truthfully, I ain’t been working out like I should be…I’ve been doing more diaphragm exercises, which actually tones your stomach, and I never knew that. It’s contracting!”

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