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Marjorie Harvey and Megan Thee Stallion Battle It Out In Bottega Veneta Dress

Marjorie Harvey and Megan Thee Stallion seem to have similar good taste in fashion.

The two lovely ladies recently wore the same black and green Bottega Veneta dress. Megan was the first to pop out in the draped jersey dress in August.

Marjorie Harvey (left) and Megan Thee Stallion (right) wear the same dress. (Photos: @marjorie_harvey/Instagram, @theestallion/Instagram)

It’s not clear where Thee Stallion was going, but it is clear she went dressed to impress. Since the dress is mostly black with just one part of the chest area being green, the “Savage” rapper added green accessories.

The 26-year-old’s green necklace, purse, and shoes appeared to be made with all the same beaded material. The other jewelry she wore were bracelets on both wrists and a ring. She also got her nails painted green. Her hair was cut styled into a short bob with a side part.

As for Marjorie, she recently pulled this piece out for her birthday celebration, in Paris, France. Harvey’s been there for several days to commemorate her 57th year of life with her husband, famed comedian and talk show host Steve Harvey.

Based on the way she wore it, Marjorie definitely seemed to be allowing the dress to do most of the work. Unlike Megan, she had little to no jewelry. The most attention-grabbing piece of jewelry was her set of earrings, which were black and hoop-like. The second jewelry accessory was either a diamond watch or bracelet, but it is difficult to tell which because of the positioning of her arm.

To match the look she wore black strappy heels and went for a simple sleek bun.

So who wore it better? Apparently, both women secured the votes of several fans.

“Mrs. Harvey ate these kids up tbh,” said one fan. Another wrote, “Meg skin tones made it pop much better.”

Someone else said both understood the assignment. “Majorie and Megan,” they wrote.

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