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B. Simone Faces Backlash from Fans After She Says She Refuses to Date a Man with a 9-to-5 Job, Later Attempts to Clarify Comments

“Wild ‘N Out” comedian B. Simone is on the market, but she’s not looking for anyone working a standard 9-to-5 job. During a recent interview on Nick Cannon‘s radio show, “Nick Cannon Mornings,” B. Simone revealed that she has been single for the last seven years and was finally ready to settle down. Nick, who created the MTV improv comedy show, told the 30-year-old Simone that he was open to setting her up on a blind date, explaining that many men like her. But first and foremost, he needed an idea of the type of man who’d grab her attention.

“He can’t have a 9-to-5,” she said at the 6:14 mark of the interview. Seeming surprised at her answer, Nick asked, “What! Why not? You don’t want him to have an honest job?” She responded, “I mean, he can be a hustling entrepreneur.” Nick asked, “So you want him to be.. you want CEO status?” She stated, “Yes.” Nick said, “Okay…he can’t..he can’t like.. he can’t clock in and clock out.” She replied, “No. No.”

B. Simone describing her type of man to Nick Cannon (Video Screenshot) Power 106 Los Angeles/YouTube

Nick said, “Damn. B. Simone.” She stressed, “I think entrepreneurs should date entrepreneurs.” He said, “OK. But still.. there’s people who have really good jobs with vocational skills. If.. if he’s a mechanic.” She argued, “I’m sure. But no… you’re not gonna understand my lifestyle. You’re not gonna understand why I’m up to 3 a.m.” The Dallas native who started a vegan and cruelty-free makeup brand, emphasized that she only wanted to date someone who owned their own business.

The bestselling author of “Baby Girl: Manifest the Life You Want” made $1 million before she turned 30 in April. According to Forbes, she launched B. Simone Beauty, sold new and gently-used clothing, organized raffles, offered paid promotions for small businesses, sold her car back to the dealership, and even worked as a licensed cosmetologist.

Before she rose to fame as an internet sensation, there was a period of time when she was struggling to break into the entertainment industry. She revealed in a January interview with Blacpire that she only had $42 in her account when she moved from Texas to Georgia to pursue her dream. Some fans expressed the idea that with her coming from humble beginnings, she should be open to dating someone with a regular job.

But some fans hinted that they understood her thinking.

Shortly after the backlash, B. Simone clarified her statement in an Instagram Live chat with “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” star and rapper Light Skin Keisha. She expressed the idea that nothing was wrong with working a 9-to-5 job. However, she was looking for a partner to help her build generational wealth, explaining that a person is not able to pass on that wealth, for example, to family if the company is not their own.

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