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‘Her Mouth Run Faster Than Her Feet’: Sha’Carri Richardson Sounds Off Once More on Haters Who Critique Her

Sha’Carri Richardson is clapping back once more at any of her haters that continue to “talk mess” about her on social media.

On Monday, Oct. 4, she uploaded a short video of her saying “All y’all suck ass” with a loud laugh at the end. On the video, she wrote, “Yall get on this app to talk mess meanwhile in real life…” to indicate that her previous comment would be her response to them. She also posted a meme that said, “I ignore a lot of shady sh-t because y’all be ugly anyway.” Then she wrote “No foreal” above it.

Sha’Carri Richardson claps back at her haters. (Photo: @carririchardson_/Instagram)

Richardson’s had a year filled with both highs and lows. She won the 100 meters final in the U.S. Olympic Track & Field Trials back in June, qualifying for her first Olympics. That victory and her self-confidence is what made so many fall in love with her and gain her popularity.

But things quickly went south just days after her win when she was disqualified from competition for a month after failing a drug test for marijuana, meaning she would miss the Olympics. Richardson she had smoked cannabis in order to help her cope with the recent death of her mother.

In her first race after the suspension in August many were excited to see her compete, but her performance didn’t match her fans’ expectations.

She came in last place in the 100 meters at the Prefontaine Classic in Oregon and then came in fourth at a Diamond League race in Europe in September. The contrast between her back-to-back losses and her continued bravado caused some people who were once rooting for her to criticize her.

Many advised her to tone down her confident personality and instead be humble. Even track star Usain Bolt said in a recent interview that she should “just train hard and focus on that and try to come back, do it and then talk about it.”

However, Richardson has opted to continue to defend herself, eliciting more backlash. Reacting to Richardson’s clapback on Oct. 4, some fans left supportive comments, while others continued to blast her.

“Her mouth run faster that her feet. Do better baby🥴,” said one person. “She needs a publicist and a social media manager,” advised another.

Commenting in support of her, one person wrote, “🤣🤣 y’all mad cause she won’t let y’all break her 🤣🤣,” and another said, “She right ! Everybody was on her side & then turned on her 🙄 now she gets talked down on constantly & y’all get mad when she respond .. like please gtfo 🤣.”

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