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‘Baby Girl Still Ain’t Learning’: Sha’Carri Richardson Seemingly Hits Back At Usain Bolt’s ‘Train Harder’ Comments

Sha’Carri Richardson has issued a sarcastically ‘humbling’ response to people who speak on her name.

Over the weekend, in a now-deleted post, Richardson took a screenshot of a fan commenting in support of her after people continued to speak on her rollercoaster professional track career while giving her unsolicited advice.

Usain Bolt advises Sha’Carri Richardson to “train harder” instead over spending time talking big. (Photo: @usainbolt/Instagram) (Photo: @carririchardson_/Instagram)

The fan wrote, “Everybody want to give advice in the media but none of them actually take the time to speak to her outside the media. So I feel her. Stop speaking on me when you don’t even speak to me.”

Richardson not only liked the comment but also wrote a message of approval on the screenshot. “Good ‘humbling’ Morning to y’all, she said, then added, “I could not have said it better myself.”

In her next Instagram story post, she uploaded a photo of herself sitting with her legs crossed with a facial expression that was a mix between a smile and a smirk. “Y’all haven’t even heard the half of me,” she wrote. Many think that the 21-year-old’s fiery statement was a response to track legend Usain Bolt’s recent comments about her.

In a recent New York Post interview, the 35-year-old father of three said Richardson should “train harder” and “not say too much.” “If you talk that big talk you have to back it up,” he said. “So just train hard and focus on that and try to come back, do it and then talk about it.”

But Bolt didn’t seem to always feel this way. Just earlier this month, in a previous interview, he seemed to be more supportive of Richardson and claimed he liked “her energy.”

His initial response to comments saying she needed to humble herself was, “Everybody is different. But I think she brings a different spice to track and field. And sometimes sports need somebody like that to give the energy, to get people talking about it.”

However, it was days after this interview that she lost her second match, which may have prompted Bolt’s second statement about her.

Richardson’s performances on the track have not been meeting fans’ expectations since her return from her ban. After getting disqualified from the Olympics because of a failed drug test, she was not permitted to compete for 30 days.

In both of the races she’s competed in since the ban has been lifted, Richardson has underperformed. She found herself in fourth place at the Diamond League and placed last at the Prefontaine Classic competition in August.

Fans added their two cents into the sprinters’ conversation. Speaking about Richardson, one said, “Baby girl still not listening 😂🤦🏾‍♀️,” and another wrote, “She must have never heard of ‘constructive criticism.'” But she did have a few people who defended her.

“Lmao tbh she right . Y’all not actually giving genuine advice for her to do better. Just throwing stuff out there to belittle her like no” wrote one person. “Exactly!! She did nothing wrong.. How y’all mad at confidence? Lol..,” said another.

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