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‘She Is Giving You the Side Eye’: Kandi Burruss Shares Hilarious Backstory Behind Daughter Blaze’s Recent School Photo

Kandi Burruss left fans in stitches on Sept. 30 after disclosing the background story of her recent photo which included her nearly 2-year-old daughter Blaze Tucker.

In social media post, the reality star revealed that kids in Tucker’s preschool class were assigned to dress up as “community helpers.”

Kandi Burruss’s latest post about her youngest daughter Blaze Tucker’s costume day leaves fans in tears after the star revealed she prepped the toddler on the wrong day. @kandi/Instagram

Burruss said, “So my baby @blazetucker’s class were supposed to dress like community helpers.” Things took a turn after the 45-year-old added that she prepped Tucker, who was dressed as a mail carrier, on the wrong day. “So I sent Blaze to school as a mail carrier not realizing it was supposed to be for next Thursday! 😩 She was cute tho! 😍.”

In addition to the mishap, Burruss also shared an image of the toddler glaring at the camera. When fans began to view her post, a handful of them claimed that Tucker’s facial expression indicated how she really felt about the entire situation.

“Kandi she looks like she tried to tell you and you ain’t listen😂😂😍.”

“She’s not here for it 😂😂😂😂.”

“She is giving you the side eye lol. So cute!”

“Her face is like ‘Ma u had one job’ 😂😂”

“She don’t look amused at all! She like ‘why nobody else dressed up!?'”

While some mentioned Tucker’s glare, others pointed out how Burruss has to now get with a different attire for the actual dress-up day. One wrote, “She looks adorable… Now little mama got to pick something else for next week.” Another said, “Look at Blaze!!!!!!!!! She look so cute😂😍 !! Now what she gone wear next Thursday @kandi ? 😂.”

An Instagram user stated that Tucker will need a new wardrobe because everyone has already seen what she was going to wear. “Now you have to get her whole new outfit!! They already saw her drip, I don’t think she was feeling it anyway, tho!! 😂😅😍😘.”

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