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‘This Why She Stay Pregnant’: Ciara’s Dance Video with Husband Russell Wilson Leaves Fans Shook

Ciara‘s take on the “Wild Side” TikTok dance challenge on Saturday, Sept. 25, left many in awe, including the singer’s husband, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson.

In the recording, the 35-year-old tackles the choreography from Normani’s “Wild Side” music video while adding her own spin to it. Ciara starts off slowly grinding before physically gesturing Wilson to enter the scene. As Wilson makes his appearance, Ciara then turns things up another notch by getting on top of a chair and twerking.

Ciara participates in a TikTok dance challenge with husband Russell Wilson. Photo:@ciara/Instagram

Following that dance position, Wilson is seen admiring his wife’s moves before ending the clip by placing his hand in front of the camera. In addition to the sultry video, Ciara kept the “sexy” theme going by captioning the post, “I love his wild side…😍😭@dangerusswilson.”

As followers began to view the upload, a multitude of people implied another pregnancy will soon be on the horizon for the Wilsons. The couple share two children, Sienna Princess Wilson, 4, and 1-year old Win Harrison Wilson.

“Russ bout to get her pregnant again.”

“We knew she didn’t lose it that’s why Russell keep putting babies in it lol. Her vibe is just 😍.”

“I smell pregnancy in the pun intended.”

“This why she stay pregnant lol he luhhhh that.”

“Okay we see how them babies were made 🔥🔥😍.”

In addition to the pregnancy remarks in the comments section, a couple of people brought up how they love that Wilson allows Ciara to be herself. One wrote, “When your man secure in himself he don’t try to dim your light, what a blessing, what a blessing ❤️.” Another said, “It’s them two for me 😍😍 he let her be herself.. I love it 🔥🔥.”

Earlier this year, Ciara revealed why her marriage to Wilson is so successful regardless of their busy schedule. She said, during her “Level Up” podcast, “Even though life with my love is amazing and beautiful, it can also be challenging sometimes. We both have our day job, we have our growing family, we have our businesses and businesses that we do together… Let me just say that we are definitely busy. But that being said, it’s very important to us both that family comes first.”

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