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‘Love Her the Way That God Would Love Her’: Russell Wilson Says Stevie Wonder Gave Him This Advice About Ciara

Over the years, Ciara and Russell Wilson have stood out among other popular celebrity power couples. The two haven’t been shy about displaying their love for each other and disclosing the details of their journey as husband and wife.

In a recent appearance together on “Level Up Radio With Ciara,” they both offered up more inside details about their marriage, including some very wise marital advice from none other than icon Stevie Wonder.

Ciara and Russell Wilson
Ciara and Russell Wilson Photo: @ciara/Instagram

Wilson and Ciara each listed five songs of their own choosing that they felt were reminiscent of their love story. When Ciara revealed her pick of “Ribbon in the Sky” by Stevie Wonder, it prompted Wilson to share a memorable anecdote about a conversation he had with the music legend.

“That’s a good one, I love Stevie,” he remarked. “Ironic story: we were at the White House and Stevie — I’ll never forget this — [Stevie] has my arm and he goes, ‘Hey Russ, love her the way that God would love her.’ I’ll never forget that. So that was one of the coolest moments of my lifetime.”

During the course of the episode, Ciara shared more insight into her relationship with Wilson, talking about the more stressful aspects of the marriage, as well as her continued bond and connection with her husband.

“Even though life with my love is amazing and beautiful, it can also be challenging sometimes,” Ciara said. “We both have our day job, we have our growing family, we have our businesses and businesses that we do together and plus our important nonprofit and charity work that we do through our Why Not Youth Foundation; let me just say that we are definitely busy. But that being said, it’s very important to us both that family comes first.”

She added, “And I have to say he has this effect on me that whenever he comes into a room and I have to do something like this and interview my love, he makes me nervous. By far, he is the only one that can do this to me.”

Ciara and Wilson included children Future, 6, and Sienna, 3, in the festivities as well, with the two choosing their own favorite songs.

The pair also share a 7-month-old son, Win Harrison. Future is Ciara’s son from a past relationship with rapper Future. In a 2019 interview with BuzzFeed’s AM to DM, Wilson said that having a blended family is what taught him about real love.

“The thing that I’ve learned the most is that being a stepdad and then also having our little daughter too as well; being a stepdad, you really find out what love’s like,” he said. “It’s interesting. It’s easy to love somebody that’s blood and everything else, but when you can love somebody just like it’s your own child and everything else, that’s what real love is like.”

That same year, Ciara appeared on “Red Table Talk” and recalled feeling that love and connection from Wilson from their very first meeting.

She said, “He was like this, open arms. And he was like, ‘I got you.’ Just the detail. Whenever he would think about me, he would think about my son. And to love me is to love my son. We come together. It’s dope. It’s a different level of love.”
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