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Alexis Skyy Sings ‘Happy Birthday’ to Her Daughter In Adorable Video

Alexis Skyy is starting her baby girl’s birthday off right, and that is with a good old-fashioned “Happy Birthday” song. On Monday, Jan. 4, Skyy uploaded two short videos to wish her daughter a Happy Birthday. The first video shows the mother of one singing the traditional birthday tune while her daughter, Alaiya Grace Maxwell, smiles. Before ending the song, Skyy tries to lean in for a kiss, but her daughter turns to escape as her smile grows wider.

The second video is an old clip of Skyy getting an ultrasound when she was pregnant with Alaiya.

Alexis Skyy and her daughter Alaiya Photo: @alexisskyy/Instagram

She captioned the video, “Happy 3rd birthday to the love of my life 🤍 God is so good 🙌🙌.”

Fans loaded up in the comments to say Happy Birthday and compliment Skyy on how well she has done with raising her daughter.

One wrote, “Happy birthday princess! You’re doing a great job mom! Y’all stay blessed and enjoy the day❤️ @alexisskyy_.”

Others gave a simple, “Happy Birthday Princess🎉🎉💕,” or “Happy Birthday pretty girl ❤️.”

A few fans noticed Alaiya, nicknamed Lay Lay, trying to move away from her mom at the end of the video and decided to joke about it.

One person said, “Lay Lay say Thanks Ma😂😂 nah out my face with that morning breath LOL.. Happy Birthday 🎈🎊🎂🎉 Lay Lay.”

The Instagram model welcomed her child with the alleged father of her child and rapper Fetty Wap in 2017. She went into labor after being pregnant for just six months.

Recently, Brandon Medford, a celebrity auto broker, raised eyebrows after alluding that he was Alaiya’s biological father. Commenting under one of Skyy’s posts with her and her daughter, he wrote “Daddy’s Little Girl.” Everyone from fans to Masika Kalysha and Lezhae Zeona, mothers who’ve had children with Fetty Wap, had something to say.

What also caused concern was Fetty Wap’s now-deleted 2019 Instagram Live where he admitted that although he was at the birth, he was not Alaiya’s actual father. He said, “When I feel like I want to be there, I’m going to be there. I’m gonna help, but as far as me going above my boundaries…nah. If it was biological with me, then it would be different.”

Skyy has yet to confirm publicly the father of her child, but in 2019 she responded to Fetty Wap’s claim in a now-deleted post.

She said, “I have never not known who my child’s father is.” She added, “The 2 most hurtful parts about this is knowing 1 day my daughter will see this & having to prove myself to world As if I didn’t know who I laid down & conceived my child with.”

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