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‘Everyone Dragged Fetty’: Fans React After the Father of Alexis Skyy’s Daughter Speaks On Finding Out He Had Fathered a Daughter with the Reality Star

While calling him out on social media, Alexis Skyy has finally confirmed that Brandon Medford is the father of her child, and just in time too, because Medford revealed how he found out he was the father on “The Kitchen Talk” podcast.

The drama between the parents started a few days ago when Skyy flamed Medford on her IG Story. She initially called him out for selling her a car that did not have any plates on it for $90,000. She also called him a “fraud” in another post. Later she emerged in his comments under one of his Instagram posts accusing him of being ashamed of their daughter. She said, “Let them know how embarrassed you are of your child because she has special needs,” and later added, “And how you only post your other daughter.”

Alexis Skyy and the father of her child, Brandon Medford. (Photo: @alexisskyy_/Instagram, @brandonmedford_/Instagram)

Now a March 16 promo clip from “The Kitchen Talk” podcast has surfaced of Medford discussing how he found out he was the father. Medford told Maino and the other hosts of the show that Skyy asked him “are you cool with taking a paternity test?” Ignoring the disparaging comments Maino was making about Skyy getting around with other men, Medford said he was open to taking it, and it took “about a week to come back.” Medford said that the test came back when he was “filming” and he doesn’t say in the clip what show they were filming but did explain his reaction to the results.

Confirming why he was OK with the results, he said, “I was dealing with her,” in 2017. He added, “I was just shocked and then I was actually excited to know that I do have a little girl in this world and I can become her father,” which does not seem to add up with what Skyy is saying.

Fans in the comments caused an uproar over Skyy lying for years about her ex-boyfriend Fetty Wap being the father of her child. One person said, “Damn and Fetty was a real friend for taking the heat. Everyone dragged Fetty, but she need to publicly apologize to him,” and another wrote, “Wow this girl really did all that knowing Fetty wasn’t the father 😔.”

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