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‘Let’s be Honest’: Jordyn Woods’ Before-and-After Weight Loss Transformation Sparks Social Media Debate

Jordyn Woods‘ weight-loss transformation post on Sept. 8 ignited a social media debacle after the 23-year-old shared a before-and-after collage of two images of herself, one from 2016 and the other from today.

The sole reason behind the controversy surrounding the images was because fans claimed Woods had some explaining to do about how she really obtained her figure.

Jordyn Woods received mixed reactions to her before-and-after weight loss post while promoting a fitness app. @jordynwoods/Instagram

In the initial upload, the socialite disclosed the “mental, emotional and physical” work it took to get to her goal weight while promoting her fitness app Frstplace. She wrote, “Sheesh, I got this photo sent to me by the team and I look back and have to realize I came a long way and it didn’t happen overnight! I can’t even believe I’m posting this but this is really me and this is my journey. Hopefully this can inspire some of you! It all started with a lot of mental and emotional work and the physical came with it. We all start somewhere.”

As the post became viral, a handful of people insinuated that Woods had gotten some form of cosmetic surgery, including liposuction, Brazilian butt lift, and fillers. In contrast to those statements, others praised the star for her “glow up.”

“Yeah but you got a Lipo, don’t act like you a hero now.”

“This post is false advertising that she worked for her body. She’s had a bunch of lipos, bbls and fillers but okayyyy 😂.”

“Stop telling these people you did this with diet and exercise. You looked beautiful before and you look beautiful now but let’s be honest.”

“The glow up is phenomenal ✨😍.”

“She lost weight but more importantly look like she gained confidence.”

“Damn girl you did that!!!”

Jordyn Woods’ mom Elizabeth Woods comments how proud she is of the 23-year-old’s journey despite the backlash Jordyn received for the post. @jordynwoods/Instagram

Among the handful of Woods’ supporters, no one was more proud of the model’s journey then her own mother, Elizabeth Woods. Elizabeth took to the comments section to encourage her daughter to continue “living” her truth despite the unwarranted “noise.”

The mother of two said, “Such a journey!! It’s an emotional, spiritual and physical journey !! I’ve been there with you ! I’ve seen it!! Forgot any of the negative noise!!! It takes a strong ass person to be this brave! I am proud of you then, now and always queen!! Keep living your truth and who you are!! You’ve worked so hard!! ❤️💋💪🏼🙏🏼.”

Regardless of the backlash, Woods has never publicly admitted to going under the knife but instead credits her sculpted figure to workouts like cardio, an ab regimen and a daily routine that focuses on different parts of the body.

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