Lil Baby and Jackboy Team Up to Build a Hospital In Haiti Following Deadly Earthquake

Last month, Haiti— not yet fully recovered from the earthquake of 2010 that killed roughly 250,000 residents — was hit with another devastating upheaval of 7.2 magnitudes, which resulted in nearly 2,200 deaths and more than 300 people still missing. 

As the Caribbean country continues to sort through the rubbles that remain, many entertainers and influencers have come out to lend a helping hand, whether bringing about awareness with their respective social media platforms or donating. Among those lending a hand in getting something vital to the country is Haitian-born rapper Jackboy and Atlanta native and rapper Lil Baby.  

Haitian Rapper Jackboy (L) and Lil Baby (R). @1804jackboy/ Instagram, Prince Williams/Wireimage

In a recent Instagram story, Jackboy shared scenes from the damaged island following a recent look at the aftermath of the tragic event. The “Pressure” rapper claimed he saw several patients at a hospital that were forced to sleep outside due to lack of space. The scene inspired the star to want to help by wanting to build a new hospital for the country and by donating $100,000. 

“I just walked through a hospital in Haiti & all the patients sleeping outside,” Jackboy wrote. “I personally handed every single last 1 of them a envelope full of money but fr fr I feel like that ain’t enough…Who want to go half with me & get a hospital built it’s not really that much especially if we using dollars.” 

Lil Baby reached out via DM according to the screenshot conversation Jackboy shared online. The pair discussed building “something special” for the Haitian community. The “We Paid” artist replied, “I’m in” in response to Jackboy asking who wanted to help donate to build the hospital.

Other celebs have stepped in to help their country, including Future, who is having a benefit concert to raise money for those affected by the natural disaster. The Sept. 3 in Miami, Florida, will feature fellow Haitian star Kodak Black, rapper Lil Uzi Vert, Dro x Yani and the “Life Is Good” emcee himself. 

“I would love for all my friends, family, music industry, fashion, and all other industries, and people as a whole to stand up for Haiti,” he wrote in the post making the announcement. “I want to use my voice to do whatever I can to support Haiti during these tragic times and will be doing a benefit concert on September 3 in Miami. Tap in to support. – Pluto.”

The concert will be under Future’s FreeWishes Foundation in partnership with Direct Relief, a global humanitarian aid organization. Karen Civil is scheduled to host.

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