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‘I Hate My Hair’: Deyjah Harris Admits That She Does Not Like Having Hair Texture of Her Dad T.I., Fans Show Her Support

Deyjah Harris is getting candid about her dislikes about her physical appearance.

She took to Twitter on Friday, Aug. 27, and confessed that she does not like having type 4 natural hair, which she also revealed that she gets from her dad, rapper Clifford “T.I.” Harris. Harris wrote, “i hate to say/admit it, buttttt ): i’m so sad that i have my dad’s hair texture ): sad because it’s so much to deal with/ manage ugh. sad because i feel like it just doesn’t fit me nor is this texture one that’s appreciated or uplifted as much as the other hair textures.”

Deyjah Harris opens up about disliking her type 4 natural hair. (Photo: @deyjahimani/Instagram)

She went on to talk about how she attempts to uplift other women with the same texture as her because, “i know how it feels to genuinely NOT like your hair/texture.” She continued, “i never want anyone to feel like that. it looks soooo bomb on other people, but me? yeah no.”

Harris later touched on the same topic, this time screenshotting a long written statement from her notes about the matter. She opened up about how she would receive derogatory comments about her hair like it being called “nappy or too thick.”

While she did receive slight backlash from fans, most of them supported her and revealed that they too understood what she meant.

One person wrote, “Yes I feel like this everyday, I be so close to relaxing it,” and another said, “Girl felt this WHOLE TWEET.”

Others tried to lend the 20-year-old some advice. “Take some time to learn your hair and what works for your hair. It’s definitely a process to love our natural hair ina society that uplifts everything but textured hair. It’s a process but girl love every part of your kinky hair,” said one fan.

Another wrote, “Honestly once you learn your hair and what it really likes, it’s not hard to manage at all! Yes it takes work and time but once you get that right formula your set!!”

It’s a rarity that Harris shows off her natural hair. In fact, on her Instagram, she has photos of her wearing different colored extensions in her model photos. She did not say whether or not she would take some of the advice of her Twitter followers.

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