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‘Donda’: 5 Shocking Things From Kanye West’s Chicago Listening Party

Kanye West gave his fans a whole new experience for his third listening party to celebrate his 10th studio album “Donda” on Thursday night. The Aug. 26 event, which took place at Chicago’s Soldier’s Field, had several surprising celebrity guests, interesting props on the set, as well as a surprising change in his album.

DaBaby’s Verse Replaces Jay-Z’s

DaBaby, who had some recent issues after his insensitive comments about the LGBTQ community and misinformation about STDs, was one celeb who graced the stage. The “Ball If I Want To” rapper recently has been forgiven by many for his outrageous statements, after apologizing on the stage at the Hot 97 Summer Jam stage, which was the first stage he was offered to come perform at after several festivals removed him from their lineup. But DaBaby was more than just a celebrity guest at West’s party. West was also debuting DaBaby’s verse on his song “Jail.” The verse didn’t sit well with too many people because apparently West had replaced Jay-Z’s verse with DaBaby’s.

Marilyn Manson and Dancehall Artist Shenseea Make Guest Appearances

One of the celebrity guests that attended the event was goth-rock singer and songwriter Marilyn Manson, who came out and sat on the staircase of West’s mock childhood home. Manson has been accused of sexual assault as well as mental abuse by several women. He is currently facing his fourth sexual assault case. According to Newsweek, Manson’s spokesperson said, “Marilyn Manson’s voice is featured on DONDA, and he will continue to conceptually collaborate with Ye on the DONDA project.” Also standing by West’s side at some point in the night was Dancehall artist Shenseea. Some people think West was trying to troll his nemesis Drake by having Shenseea there, after a rumor spread that she was pregnant by him, a rumor she has since denounced.

(L-R): Marilyn Manson, Shenseea, Kanye West (Photo: @neighborhoodtalk/Instagram)

Kanye Seemingly Remarries Kim Kardashian

DaBaby, Shenseea and Marilyn Manson seem to not be the only ones to make an appearance on West’s set. Fans are speculating that his wife, Kim Kardashian, with whom he’s currently going through a divorce, was also a part of his show this time. Her attending the event is no surprise because she’s been to the previous shows, but if the rumors are true, this is her first time actually being in it. The woman wore a wedding dress during her debut and the two got married. This drew many questions for fans on the status of their relationship.

Kanye Rebuilds His Childhood Home as His Stage

Another main piece of the event was the stage, which just so happened to be a replica of his childhood home. West grew up in his South Shore home for about eight years, and last year, he bought it for $225,000. The father of four is currently renovating it.

Kanye Lights Himself on Fire

5. It would not be a normal West show without some other surprise elements. At some point in the performance, before saying ‘I do’ for the second time to his wife, he lit himself on fire. The stunt left West unharmed as he walked around in front of his childhood home.

Kanye West lights himself on fire. (Photo: @xxlmagazine/Twitter/Instagram)

Apple Music has updated the album release date to Sept. 3, which just so happens to be the same day that Drake will be releasing his album “Certified Lover Boy.”

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