‘Marjorie Been Had Hers’: Chris Brown Shows Off His New Bag, Claims He Has the Only One 

Chris Brown stirred up a social media frenzy on Aug. 17 after the singer declared he was the sole owner of the pricey airplane-inspired Louis Vuitton handbag.

The reason behind the flak was because Steve Harvey’s wife Marjorie Harvey made headlines for showcasing the same luxury item weeks before.

Chris Brown’s revelation of having the only one Louis Vuitton airplane-inspired bag has fans bringing up Marjorie Harvey. Photo:@chrisbrownofficial/Instagram

Although it is unclear if the “No Guidance” vocalist ever saw the initial video, that didn’t stop Brown from boasting how he is the “only 1 in the US” to own the purse. The Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag designed by Virgil Abloh is from the 2021 fall/winter collection. The set price of the luxury handbag is $39,000.

As Brown’s story became viral. many poked fun at the 32-year-old. One Instagram user even suggested that the company was pitching to its customers they too were just the sole owners of this item.

“Lol capping for no reason 🌽.”

“😂😂😂now Chris.”

“Who gonna tell him? 😂”

“Maybe hers is an airplane & his is a jet…😂.”

“😂😂😂😂😂that’s their sales pitch. They tell everyone it’s the “only 1.””

Marjorie Harvey shows off her plane-inspired purse that is worth $39,000 in a new video. Photo:@marjorieharvey/Instagram

Aside from the jokes, several others mentioned Harvey. One wrote, “Marjorie been had hers boo.” Another tried defending the father of two and claimed maybe Brown meant he was the last one to purchase the bag. “I’m thinking he means it’s the only one left. I know dayum well that greasy a– associate ain’t sat up and told that man he had the only one and Marjorie been flexing it😂😩😩.”

Harvey debuted the bag to mixed reactions on July 30 by uploading a video showcasing it from different angles. In the initial clip, the 56-year-old never admitted who gave her the bag as she said, “Okay, what is this that just arrived in my house? Omg, okay. Did you all send this as a gift? What am I supposed to do with this? It’s gorgeous, though. Wow.”

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