‘Ma’am…Where You Carrying That to Tho?’: Marjorie Harvey’s New Plane-Inspired Purse Worth $39,000 Sparks a Frenzy Online

Steve Harvey’s wife, Marjorie Harvey, set social media ablaze on Friday, July 30, after the 56-year-old displayed her Louis Vuitton plane-inspired purse in a new video. What caught fans off-guard wasn’t the unique design, but the hefty price tag that came along with it. 

The fall/winter 2021 collection of the Louis Vuitton Airplane Bag designed by Virgil Abloh is set at $39,000. In the initial clip — captioned “LV ✈️ 👜” — Harvey appeared shocked by the lavish gift as she said, “Okay, what is this that just arrived in my house? Omg, okay. Did you all send this as a gift? What am I supposed to do with this? It’s gorgeous, though. Wow.”

In a new video, Marjorie Harvey shows off her plane-inspired purse that is almost worth $40,000. Photo:@marjorie_harvey/Instagram

Harvey didn’t disclose who gave her the purse. As the recording became viral, many people expressed how dissatisfied they were. Several even wondered would the “Airplane” purse physically accommodate a trip. 

“@marjorie_harvey are you supposed to fit inside there to take a free trip somewhere? I’m going to keep it 100% real with you. That’s the ugliest purse I’ve ever seen.”

“It’s a “No” for me.”

“Seriously WHERE IN DA HELL is she walking around with this bag 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂.”

“Ma’am…where you carrying that to tho? How you gonna carry it? What you putting in there..or who? So many questions 😂”

“I mean is there a trip inside if not… Ummm come get this 😂”

Harvey isn’t a stranger when it comes to owning the latest designer threads. In May, in honor of Mother’s Day, her husband Steve gave her the entire 2021 summer collection of designer shoes. Harvey shared her initial reaction to the unveiling in a two-minute, twenty-one-second recording captioned “Mother’s Day surprise from my husband.”

Harvey said as she viewed the collection, “Ok Steve… Who are you; who does this?” She added, when asked if she was happy, “I’m speechless. I’m literally speechless. Who am I married to? Who is this man? Who thinks of this?” The clip ultimately ends with Harvey embracing Steve.

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