Don Cheadle Had This to Say About Kevin Hart After Comedian Suffers Backlash for His Response to the Star’s Age In Viral Video

Don Cheadle took to Twitter on Aug. 13 to open up about his friendship with Kevin Hart following his viral interview on the comedian’s show “Hart to Heart.” Hart was receiving backlash earlier this week for bluntly responding the word “damn” after the actor disclosed his age while initially discussing generational wealth. 

Cheadle reacted to a fan’s tweet that called out Hart for being an “ass” to someone she claimed was “a beautiful black King.” He said while urging people to watch the entire interview before forming an opinion, “EVERYBODY, please watch the entire episode. On top of understanding that this is just how we play it’s a really good one, I think.”

Don Cheadle (right) recently got candid about his personal relationship with Kevin Hart (left) after a clip of the comedian bluntly responding to his Cheadle’s revelation of his ago went viral. (Photos: @kevinhart4real/Instagram screenshot)

The “Avengers” star added, “The first question he asks me is, ‘drugs; do you do them?’ in the parking lot, I said he looked like a black-o-lantern in that suit. it’s just us.”

An hour after Cheadle’s response to Hart’s flak, the “Soul Plane” star asked the question to his followers about why Cheadle was trending as he shared the extended version of the viral video. “Why in the hell is #DonCheadle trending?? If you haven’t watched my new talk show Hart to Heart you are missing out damn it!!!! Tune in now to see my interview with @DonCheadle….IT’S EPIC!!! @PeacockTV link is in post. #HartToHeart.”

As Cheadle’s revelation about the pair’s relationship began circulating on social media, many fans expressed how they didn’t understand how Hart suffered repercussions for simply joking with a friend. While others stated the 56-year-old’s acting skills and mannerism toward Hart’s reaction made the clip even funnier. 

“I can’t believe people are taking it so serious. Like how do you not see they’re just f–kin around.”

“When your acting is so good that people don’t recognize you’re joking around too.”

“People always mess stuff up! This clip is funny as Hell and I’m gonna watch the whole thing when I get a chance! Your reactions and your mannerisms crack me up!!”

“You were so good with that expression that people are taking you guys quite literally.”

The infamous video controversy occurred when Cheadle talked about the importance of generational wealth and disclosed that he was 56 years old. Things took a turn for the worse after Hart immediately exclaimed “Damn!” Cheadle, who appeared shocked by the comedian’s reaction to his age, responded by sternly glaring at the father of three. Following that awkward moment, Hart apologized and tried to explain what he meant. “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. It was a thought, and I blurted it out. I didn’t mean it that way.”

As Cheadle insisted that he was fine and didn’t care about the “Think Like a Man” star’s reaction, he sarcastically said after the interview was over that they would poll the people in the room to decide what Hart actually meant by his comment.

Hart then chimed in and claimed his response was out of love. He said, “I can sit up here and honestly say, buddy, that that was from a place of love.” In addition to showing “love” to the actor, the 42-year-old tried to demonstrate what he meant by repeating the word “damn” countless times when Cheadle pointed out that each time he repeated that phrase it was different from how he initially said it.

“If we could play it back right now, these are two different damns.” As the video wrapped up, the pair continued to playfully throw gibes at one another over Hart’s intended response, while Cheadle closed out the segment by saying, “Each time you said it, now it’s gotten quieter and quieter.”

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