‘The Thing About Feeling Broken Is It That Forces You to Be Open’: Regina Hall Explains How Her Father’s Death Started Her Acting Career

Regina Hall is opening up about her acting career.

The “Girls Trip” actress revealed that acting was not always her dream job and at one point she had her sights set on becoming a journalist. However, that all changed when her father passed away suddenly as she was attending grad school.

Regina Hall opens up about changing her career. (Photo: @morereginahall/Instagram)

She explained to Health on Tuesday that, “It was his passing that really shifted how I looked at life—I realized how brief it can be and how suddenly it can change. That’s what led me to acting. The thing about feeling broken is that it forces you to be open—you feel like you don’t have much, so you don’t overthink everything.”

Hall has been acting for over two decades, appearing in popular films like the famous spoof “Scary Movie” and portraying Candy in the film “The Best Man” in her early years. Now she has expanded her brand into a production company called Rh Negative, which went under contract with Showtime last year.

According to the deal, the recently turned 50-year-old will be developing new projects under her company with Showtime. She spoke on her reaction to the news, saying, “It’s really exciting. I have lots of ideas and it will be a new way of creating. And it will take patience, because these things take time—that will be a new skill to develop.”

She went on to talk about the show “Black Monday,” which she stars in alongside Andrew Rannells, Don Cheadle and Kadeem Hardison. The show is about Wall Street’s biggest stock market crash called Black Monday. The fictional tale exposes who and what was the cause behind the historic event.

Hall showed gratitude toward Showtime for its involvement with the series. She said, “Showtime has been really supportive of Black Monday—even before the show caught on. So it’s nice to have a partnership with people who have been so wonderful already.”

Season three of “Black Monday” was released this year in May.

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