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‘You Know You Wasn’t Raised Like That’: Safaree Samuels’ Mother Checks Him About Blasting His Marital Business on Social Media

Safaree Samuels has been in the headlines with his estranged wife, Erica Mena, quite often for the past few months. The biggest news has been that after their few online disputes Mena filed for divorce in May. During their falling-out they were filming for their hit reality TV series “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” and now fans are getting a glimpse at the moments leading up to Mena’s decision to file for divorce.

In the latest episode, Samuels’ mother, Mama Shirley, is reprimanding him for his online behavior toward Mena. While the two are out having a meal, his mother said, “When you get upset and you start tweeting, I don’t like that, man. And you know you wasn’t raised like that.” She explained that she raised him to give women the “utmost respect” and said, “When I see stuff like that, it hurts me and I’m embarrassed.”

Safaree Samuels and his mother, Shirley. (Photo: @60greatness/Instagram)

Samuels confessed that he doesn’t like to argue so he decides to “say nothing until it’s forgotten about.” However, his mother explained that “women don’t like that” and offered him advice to “work on that.” She said, “You create problems when you do that.”

Samuels, who seemingly has a soft spot for his mother, conceded his faults and said he now realizes how much hard work marriage really is. He also commented on his mother’s reaction to his behavior in the confessional. He said, “My mother’s coming down on me. She’s not just going to stick up for me because I’m her son. If I did something wrong she going to check me.” Toward the end, he promised his mother that he would not put things out in the media about his marriage.

So far, it seems he has attempted to do that for a while but updates about the proceedings of the couple’s divorce has landed both of their names back in headlines, and Samuels has also made a few comments about what has been aired about him and his family on “L&HH.”


#realmother will always check you when you are wrong #safaree mom let him know she didn’t raise him like that #loveandhiphop tonight episode grow up

♬ original sound – Carla Caines

#realmother will always check you when you are wrong #safaree mom let him know she didn’t raise him like that #loveandhiphop tonight episode grow up

♬ original sound – Carla Caines

This is not the first time Shirley has appeared on the show to give Samuels some advice on his love life. She and his two sisters appeared on a 2017 episode of “L&HH” where they all discussed what they thought of as Samuels’ terrible choices in women. His mom told him that the women aren’t all to blame for his relationship issues. She said, “Don’t think that you’re no angel, because you’re not.”

Samuels tried to explain that since he grew up in a house full of women, he was taught to see “the inner beauty of women,” but his sister quickly cut in, saying “and you ignored us.” Mama Shirley later said that she believes she should pick his next woman, but Samuels begged to have one more shot.

Since it doesn’t seem like Mena and his marriage is reconcilable, Mama Shirley may have the opportunity to choose Samuels’ next partner.

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